OPPO unveils AR headset, 5G CPE smart home hub, and more at INNO Day 2019

“OPPO gave a first glimpse of its AR headset, a 5G CPE smart home hub, and even a new smartwatch”

OPPO today organised its INNO Day 2019 conference in China where the brand showcased the areas where it will be focussing in the upcoming years. At the event, OPPO gave a first glimpse of its AR headset, a 5G CPE smart home hub, and even a new smartwatch. Although the brand didn’t offer many details about the smartwatch, it did share a lot of information about the other two products. The brand CEO and founder Tony Chen also announced that OPPO will be investing a sum of RMB 50 billion over the course of next three years for research and development of hardware, software, and system in addition to 5G/6G, AI, AR, big data and other frontier technologies. On the same lines, although there was no specific mention of research and development expansion in India, OPPO has shared that apart from Hyderabad, where the brand already has a research centre, it is also looking at Bangalore as a potential location for a new research centre.

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Coming to the new products, OPPO’s AR headset seems to be at a nascent stage as of now but the brand demonstrated how it could potentially be used in classrooms to give students a better understanding of subjects. Considering that unlike Holo Lens and Oculus VR, the brand does not seem to be focussing on AR gaming and is instead looking to explore in a different direction, the AR glasses might be priced at a more affordable price point. Moving to 5G CPE, as most brands are now introducing smart home devices, OPPO’s new smart home hub will connect to all these devices and help users control these devices from a single unit. In the demonstration, the brand even showed cloud gaming and claimed to deliver impressive response times of close to 10ms.

While the launch timeline for the AR Glass has not been revealed by the company just yet, OPPO has announced that it plans to launch its new smartwatch, smart wireless headphones, and 5G CPE in Q1, 2020. Levin Liu, OPPO Vice President and Head of OPPO Research Institute, said in his keynote speech, “In the face of the new 5G era, OPPO will head towards Tech Innovation 2.0. which will be driven by ‘frontier technology’ and ‘value for user’.” Liu said, “as the importance of convergence between technologies and services becomes essential, OPPO is building an integrated technology model that covers five spheres, namely: equipment, data, computing, services and scenarios.”

Disclosure: The writer is attending the OPPO INNO Day 2019 in Shenzhen, China on OPPO’s invitation