“There is a lot more to the F3 than its dual front cameras, especially in the software department”

In a short span of time, OPPO has become popular in India for its selfie-centric smartphones. However, that is not what its smartphones are all about. Its devices come packing a lot of features, both in terms of the hardware as well as the software. And today’s our focus is on the latter. Its latest smartphone, the OPPO F3, ships with Color OS v3.0 running atop the Android has a lot of useful features that enhance the user experience. Without further ado, here’s a roundup of tips and tricks for the OPPO F3, which will make it convenient to operate the handset in the day-to-day life.

Too many apps and files? Fret not, Search on tap is your friend


One of the advantages of an open ecosystem of Android is that it has a plethora of apps for the user to try. It is both a boon and bane because, after a while, the App Drawer gets so cluttered with apps that it gets hard to locate the app that you immediately need. While the interface of the Color OS on OPPO has it all laid out on the homescreen for ease of access, the F3 makes finding them easier.

All you have to do is a pulldown on the display and it will bring up a universal search. You will simply have to type the first few alphabets of the app name and it will bring it up for you. Moreover, the search is not just limited to apps but is universal search across the device. So, you can look for contacts, messages and browser pages as well.

Too lazy to unlock the phone and open apps? Use gestures


There are times when we need to fire up the camera app quickly or some other app. This might be because we don’t want to miss out on an amazing scene or are simply too lazy to unlock the device look for the app icon and then tap on it. Worry not, because OPPO has got you covered on that front. The Settings menu has a dedicated section for gestures and motion, which enables several gestures, and can be used when the screen is on or off.

For instance, if you want to use the OPPO F3 with a single hand, then just swipe from bottom corner to the centre, and it will activate the One-Hand mode. Similarly, you can swipe down using 3 fingers to capture a screenshot. On the other hand, make an ‘O’ when the display is turned off to launch the camera, or ‘V’ to launch the flashlight. We have to admit, these gestures are pretty convenient to launch camera or flashlight on the go.

Now not only the phone, but even apps and files can be locked with your fingerprint


There was a time when fingerprint scanner used to be there just to lock and unlock devices. However, the OPPO F3 goes beyond. The fingerprint reader on the handset is not only very accurate and fast, but also lets users lock the installed apps and stored files. The option can easily be enabled from the settings menu, and ensures that when you share F3 with someone, they will not be prying where you don’t want them to.

Pull up the Google Assistant with a simple tap


It’s nice to have an assistant at your beck and call to help you out whenever you need assistance with something or the other. Search titan Google has integrated a personal assistant called Google Assistant, which does the same for your smartphone. You can ask it questions like weather and stock or tell it to do things like setting a reminder or alarm. OPPO has made it easier to pull it up in the F3 as the user simply has to long-press the home button, and Google Now will come up and suggest you actions and tasks based on the information displayed on the screen. 

Want dual Whatsapp with your dual SIM? Now, you can


Dual-SIM smartphones are a necessity now as it gives users the convenience to have their personal and work lives separate. While it is pretty convenient, the best way to keep both the aspects separate is to be able to have different social accounts. It makes no sense to have two numbers, but to be able to connect only one to Whatsapp or other such apps. However, with the OPPO F3, the company has offered the Clone App feature, which is as simple as heading to the Settings, and toggling app cloning for the respective app. Voila, and now you can use twp instances of the same app. 

This is our compilation of best tips and tricks for the OPPO F3, which lets you use it to the fullest. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comment box.