OPPO’s Find X2 series brings the first-ever 5G experience to the prestigious Roland-Garros

OPPO’s Find X2 Series brought in an era-defining range of smartphones this year, promising one of the best user experiences in premium flagship devices. Now, the world’s leading smart-device brand has introduced the same premium experience to the world of tennis. In a unique partnership with the illustrious Roland-Garros, OPPO India has created history by facilitating the first-ever 5G video call between the retired professional player Guy Forget and the top junior tennis players worldwide.

With this strengthened partnership with Roland-Garros and a 5G-ready network, OPPO is on the path to bridge the communication gap through its innovative devices, both on and off the tennis court. The core value of innovation, shared by both Roland-Garros and OPPO, has empowered many people over the years. This time, this shared passion for excellence and breaking boundaries will help fans enjoy the sport in a new, interactive way.

Owing to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the participants of the ‘Junior Wild Card Series’ were unable to compete in-person this year. Hence, OPPO hosted a global 5G video call to connect aspiring talents across the globe, reaffirming the power of technology in facilitating connections, especially during these testing times.Together with Managing Director of OPPO France Denis Morel, the Roland-Garros Director, Guy Forget, chatted from his OPPO Find X2 Pro about the role of technology in redefining the world of tennis. Led by OPPO India’s Hyderabad R&D team, India was one among the many countries participating in the call courtesy the unique 5G experience empowered by the OPPO Find X2 series.

Along with several other young tennis stars from India, rising tennis star Humera Baharmus – who won her maiden national title in the under-18 category last year – joined OPPO India’s Hyderabad R&D team to be a part of this unique 5G video call tour of the great Roland Garros.

The call entailed a 20-minute walk-and-talk on the stadium, leading to the famed clay court of Roland Garros. OPPO also brought a first-ever ‘tennis-at-night’ experience – a number of the main courts were lit for the first time, allowing for extended gameplay in lowlight conditions. This presented a unique on-site experience for people to play at night. Through the interactive lighting, which represents OPPO’s SuperVOOC charging tech, OPPO spread positivity to the pandemic-impacted Grand Slam. The 5G-enabled video call event helps fans and players experience the unlimited possibilities of OPPO’s cutting-edge innovation in 5G technology, along with an enhanced stadium infrastructure.

OPPO India’s R&D centre in Hyderabad, the brand’s largest outside China, is committed to building an integrated technology system to power immersive and personalised 5G experiences. In fact this year in March, OPPO India successfully conducted the first 5G WhatsApp video call in India, displaying 5G band and speed, and further demonstrated fast movie downloads and cloud gaming features over the 5G call. The company has already established itself as a leader in 5G innovation, especially with the arrival of its future-readyFind X2 series. With a smooth and seamless performance with 120Hz refresh rate, sharp viewing experience, and powerful features, OPPO took a giant leap towards the smartphone leader board with the FindX2 series. Infact the power packed, uber premium flagship device has become a game-changer in the smartphone industry and carried forward OPPO’s legacy of innovation to offer a slew of creative, customer-centric technologies that lived upto the legacy of the Find X launched in 2018.

This unique collaboration between OPPO and Roland-Garros is just the tip of the iceberg though. As OPPO continues to consolidate markets with innovation in both technology and marketing, we can surely hope to see many more cutting edge technologies that will transform the future.