OPPO Find X3 launch set for 2021; will come with full DCI-P3 wide colour gamut and more

OPPO Find X3 launch date is yet to be revealed but the company has confirmed the phone will arrive in 2021.

  • OPPO Find X3 launch is set for 2021
  • The flagship will come with the new “Full-path Color Management System”
  • OPPO Find X3 will also offer full DCI-P3 gamut and 10-bit colour depth

OPPO Find X3 launch is officially expected in 2021 and the company had some information to share on the second day of Inno Day 2020. While details surrounding the Find X3 specifications are limited, the flagship will feature “Full-path Color Management System”. Full path means a system that covers a wide range of tasks like capturing images, storing them and even displaying them with full DCI-P3 gamut coverage and 10-bit colour depth. OPPO has adopted algorithms and hardware that will save the accuracy of the image while doing multi-frame noise reduction, distortion correction and “perceptual extreme super-resolution”.

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OPPO Full-path Color Management System

Furthermore, it added support for Digital Overlap (DOL) HDR sensors, which is a major development and something that Sony is working on for a couple of years. Unlike the HDR, DOL captures multiple exposures simultaneously, this eliminates the need to correct for moving objects. The captured images are stored in the HEIF format that supports 10-bit colour depth, unlike JPEG that is limited to 8-bit and produces smaller files to boot. Finally, for display images, OPPO uses a screen calibration method to bring the colour accuracy of its screen to around 0.4 JNCD. The custom algorithms will make sure the image’s colour gamut is adjusted to match that of the display, DCI-P3 with a D65 white point.

OPPO has partnered with the Zhejiang University to develop test and develop solutions that correct images for improved viewing by people with colour blindness. Users can calibrate their display for the preferred best results. As mentioned, the ‘Full-path Colour Management System will be present on the OPPO Find X3 series flagships next year and will be paired with improved camera hardware, which OPPO hasn’t revealed just yet. OPPO Find X3 launch date is yet to be announced but we should hear more about the phone in early 2021.