Smart device brand OPPO continued its glorious streak of bringing industry-leading technology innovations at its second ‘Inno Day’ event #OPPOINNODAY20. With ingenious technology and a mission of creating intuitive devices, OPPO’s vision for an interconnected world shone through its stunning and futuristic tech event.

This year’s OPPO Inno Day was held under the theme of ‘Leap into the Future’, revealing its insights and initiatives for the era of intelligent connectivity and humanised technology. By combining high-tech with interactive performances to enhance user experience OPPO completely immersed the audience into a new tech world where the real and virtual worlds are tightly strung together. The event has been rightly appreciated by myriad tech enthusiasts as a gamechanger for the entire industry; they place OPPO way ahead of competition. It not only helped convey its vision of ‘tech for the people’, but also showcased how the brand is here to embrace the inclusiveness and humanist nature of technology.

Amidst the growing call to work from anywhere, and stay connected during the pandemic, OPPO understands the need to offer exceptional products that not only enhance user experience but also set a new benchmark for how users will interact with technology in the future. OPPO Inno Day is the brand’s commitment to fulfil diverse requirements of users by building a robust, smart and global ecosystem. Which is why it has introduced its new brand belief “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World”, unveiling the ‘3+N+X’ technology development strategy to prove its determination to create path breaking consumer products. As part of its 3+N+X strategy, OPPO will develop three fundamental capacities of software, hardware, and cloud services, polish its existing expertise and continue to differentiate.

This new brand belief was aptly demonstrated as it unveiled the OPPO X 2021 Rollable Concept Handset, its latest breakthrough in flexible display and structural stacking technology. Most foldable display technology available in smartphones today relies on the crease which impacts the phone’s sturdiness.

The innovation which has no crease is a laudable achievement that will provide the perfect blend of durability and flexible viewing experience to users. OPPO X 2021 Rollable Concept Handset will provide users with more natural interactive experience and adjust the size of the display based on actual needs.

Built with a rollable OLED display that measures as small as 6.7 inches and as large as 7.4 inches the display provides seamless transitioning during viewing. To support the screen and ensure smooth display without any gaps, OPPO developed the 2-in-1 Plate display support technology with comb-like structure to effectively support the display. OPPO’s structural engineer’s custom-developed Roll Motor power train that ensures the display automatically retracts and extends smoothly. This also further ensures safety of the display so that even a sudden jerk will not damage the display.

The revolutionary technology is going to cement OPPO’s position as the leader of tech breakthroughs and place its future display technology miles ahead of any competition.

OPPO has been going all out in investing in the software, hardware, and service ends of AR since 2014. With the announcement of new OPPO AR Glass 2021 and the OPPO CybeReal AR app. OPPO will now enter the “digital twin” world. AR has been a key focus area for OPPO with development of technologies including AR and supporting ecosystems.

AR Glass 2021 with its 0.71-inch HD OLED screen offers 53 percent higher contrast, 98 percent higher brightness uniformity, and 40 percent higher pixels per degree, enabling users to see clearer with a 90-inch Home screen like experience. The AR Glass technology showcases significant impact on user interaction across gaming and entertainment viewing owing significantly to its improved audio and video capabilities. Further with Environment Scanning and Real-time Spatial Positioning, AR Glass 2021 provides users centimeter-level positioning accuracy for your next virtual shopping and holiday experience.

OPPO CybeReal on the other hand will provide users a new digital world experience. With real-time location position to the milliseconds, users will always know their way unlocking the future of human-tech interaction.

Not just that, OPPO also announced the official release of its Full-path Color Management System, as part of its 2021 flagship smartphones, Find X3 series. OPPO says that it is the first Android colour management system to support the full DCI-P3 wide gamut and 10-bit colour depth from capture, storage, and display, OPPO has once again dominated its peers to deliver an outstanding viewing experience.

OPPO’s Plan of Building an Integrated Technology System

The first such game-changer event was hosted by OPPO last year, marking its entry as a harbinger of signature tech events in the industry, all in true OPPO style. And now the company’s next leap has promised to explore the depths of personal technology, with a wide gamut of gadgets and hardware and software optimizations.

It may seem like talking a lot about expanding to frontiers like networking, AR, and IoT, but it’s hard to deny that, for now, OPPO is the only brand in the industry that has managed to achieve some unprecedented feats. Over the past few years, 5G has steadily positioned itself at the center of the company’s plans, as a great enabler that will open opportunities for a plethora of improved user experiences that weren’t possible before. OPPO is now going beyond smartphone technology, and ushering in an era of intelligent connectivity.

As a young and innovative brand, OPPO has always thrived on connecting with its audience through some of the most unique, premium, and pathbreaking smartphones. With its vision for the future, it looks like OPPO is on track to keep rethinking user service and optimise its offerings with the evolving times, thus staying firmly ahead of its peers. But what is even more commendable is its evolution vis-à-vis its constant hard work in the area of creating a holistic tech ecosystem inspired by technology for mankind, kindness for the world. OPPO’s continued strategies for development and innovation will not only further its vision of an interconnected world, but also help illuminate the future of humane technology.