OPPO 2019 phones may feature pop-out selfie camera and iris scanner, patent filings suggest

"OPPO seems to be planning to enhance biometric security on its smartphones by offering an iris scanner"

Last year, OPPO launched the Find X (first impressions) flagship as one of its highly innovative smartphones till date. The phone utilised a sliding panel (which hid the rear and front cameras) to offer an all-screen front. Notably, the device also arrived with a 3D face unlock system, which was the only way to authenticate the user as the handset gave the fingerprint sensor a miss. Now, it appears that just like Samsung, OPPO is also planning to offer iris scanner security technology on its smartphones. The company has filed a patent for this tech with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). In addition, the brand has also patented a pop-out selfie camera mechanism for its upcoming smartphones with the same regulatory authority, which should allow the phonemaker yet another way to achieve a high screen-to-body ratio on its forthcoming handsets.

Talking about OPPO's IRIS scanner patent first, its description suggests that a phone with this tech will have an iris camera, an OLED screen panel, and an infrared light source. Notably, the patent also describes how this tech will actually work. As per the detailed documentation, the iris-scanning module will be able to adjust the light intensity of the transmitted infrared light according to the distance of the subject to capture his / her iris details. After an iris image of the user is collected, it will be used to unlock the device utilising this tech. Thanks to the infrared light sensor, users will be able to unlock their devices even in the dark. This tech is supposedly more secure than the 3D face unlock feature that's available on most of the flagships these days.

As far as the pop-out selfie camera patent is concerned, it seems that OPPO will be following the footsteps of the Vivo NEX (review). OPPO's patent describes a device with a selfie camera, which will elevate from the top of the smartphone, just like the NEX. Notably, while Vivo's NEX only has a single camera sensor in its retractable module, OPPO's device could include two selfie shooters, suggests the images in the patent.  

While filing a patent doesn't necessarily mean that we'll see the commercial deployment, OPPO can be expected to integrate the pop-out selfie camera and iris-scanning technologies on its smartphones this year. We will update you more on the matter as soon as the company announces anything, so stay tuned to 91mobiles.