OPPO, Xiaomi, Vivo and POCO extend phone warranties expiring during Covid lockdown in India

The warranties have been extended for a period of up to two months.

  • Xiaomi and POCO phones receive two months of extended warranty.
  • OPPO has extended warranty for all products till June 31st 2021.
  • Vivo is providing one month of extra warranty from the day service centres opens up in lockdown hit areas.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers OPPO, Xiaomi, Vivo, and POCO have come together to provide some relief to customers during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. To curb the spread of the virus, several states in India have imposed a complete lockdown. Service centres for Xiaomi and others have all been shut, and there’s no way for a customer to get their under-warranty device fixed. If your smartphone warranty is expiring during the lockdown period, then you need not worry, as you’re being given a grace period. 

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Xiaomi and POCO phones’ warranty extended

If you own a Xiaomi smartphone, then your warranty has been extended by two months. This is only for those devices whose warranty is expiring in the month of May or June, as the lockdowns are in place. Unfortunately, if your phone warranty expired before the lockdown, then your device gets no extension.

POCO is also providing two months extension of smartphone warranties. Once again, only those whose devices with warranties expiring in May or June, are eligible for the extension.

OPPO and Vivo phones’ warranty extended

OPPO is offering an extended warranty till June 30th for all products that are eligible. Again, if you own an OPPO device whose warranty is expiring in the month of May, or during the lockdown period, then you’re eligible for the extension. The offer is available for smartphones, earphones, chargers, cables, etc. The company advised that all its service centers will remain closed as long as there’s a lockdown. 

On the other hand, Vivo’s warranty extension is a little different from the others. It announced that customers will be provided 30 days of additional warranty starting from the day service centers open in the respective states. If you’re facing any issue with your smartphone, but can’t go to the service center due to the lockdown, then you’ve got a 30 day grace period. Of course, your device needs to be under warranty to be eligible for this scheme. Vivo will also provide free pick-and-drop service in certain cities. 

The warranty extensions by these smartphone manufacturers will surely help those who’re facing issues with their phones, but can’t go to the service center.