Ottomate Smart Fan launched in India for Rs 3,999

“The Ottomate Smart Fan is available in two variants and colour options”

With smart home devices being in vogue these days, we’re seeing interesting products from the companies. Now an Indian brand called Ottomate International, has launched its first such offering in the country. Dubbed the Ottomate Smart Fan, it’s a ceiling fan that uses Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh and can be controlled via a mobile app. 

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The fan has been designed by Foley Designs and is available with three or four blades and in two colour options. The standard model is priced at Rs 3,999, The fans use a simple design that is elegant and functional. Vishal Sehgal, the co-founder and CEO of Ottomate International stated in a press release: “Technology is what technology does to everyday life. At Ottomate, we leverage cutting-edge technology to innovate and reinvent simple appliances like fans, lights etc., so that your life at home can be easier, better and more exciting. Our Ottomate Smart Fan range will be SMART, BEAUTIFUL and AFFORDABLE – making your home a more exciting and engaging place to live in” 

The Ottomate Smart Fan is powered using a Qualcomm BLE 5.0 chipset, which is coupled with a CSR Mesh, a digital temperature sensor and a humidity sensor. The fan has plenty of smart features such as the ability to automatically increase or lower speed when it detects a change in temperature of the room. It has four modes called the Otto Mode, Breeze mode, Turbo Mode and Master switch, which are available via the Ottomate App.

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The Otto mode uses the inbuilt temperature and humidity sensors to adjust fan speed according to the room temperature and humidity. The manual mode allows users to control the speed of the fan, whereas the Breeze mode controls the speed of the fan and cycles it to provide a breeze effect. If even the max speed isn’t enough for you, then the Turbo mode will provide a 10 percent increase over the maximum speed. Finally, the Master Switch allows users to switch the fan on / off instantly. 

Ottomate has over 100 service centres already functioning across India and will provide free installation / demo for all customers. It also plans on launching more Smart home products in the near future.