OnePlus admits OxygenOS 12 wasn’t up to the mark, previews OxygenOS 13 features

  • OnePlus previewed OxygenOS 13 to OEF participants.
  • The company says that “OxygenOS 12 did not launch to a standard that meets our own expectations or those of our Community.”
  • OxygenOS 13 will be based on Android 13.

After making us wait for almost a year, OnePlus backtracked on its plan for a unified OS and announced the OxygenOS 13. And the company also recently hosted an Open Ear Forum discussion a few weeks ago to talk about OxygenOS 13. OnePlus has posted some snippets from the discussion, giving us a peek into what’s in for OnePlus users with the next iteration of OxygenOS. The company accepted that OxygenOS 12 was not up to the standard and said it would consider user feedback seriously during the course of OxygenOS 13 development.

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OnePlus OxygenOS 13

In a forum post, OnePlus detailed its plans for the OxygenOS 13. It also gave a first look at the upcoming iteration of OxygenOS to the attendees but sadly, those details are under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement.) However, we know that the OxygenOS 13 will be based on the upcoming Android 13.

Nevertheless, the company has listed a few follow-up actions after the feedback received from participants, which gives us a brief idea of how the company plans to work on the development of OxygenOS 13.

  • Improve UI personalisation and consistency
  • Improve system consistency and more optimised functions path
  • Add more features in AOD (like Music Player)
  • Optimised Zen Mode to provide users with a more immersive and efficient experience
  • Positive communication with community members (like optimising CBT projects, more OEF, and so on)
OnePlus OxygenOS Unified Codebase

OnePlus also tried to clear up the confusion about the OxygenOS and ColorOS merger. The company said, “Under the background of integration, OxygenOS and ColorOS are two products with their strengths. When facing strong competitors in the global market, combining the strengths of both is the only way to truly leverage the strengths of the OPPO & OnePlus and provide better products to our customers. The OS teams are fully integrated into one and ready to collaborate and learn from each other’s experience; together we will build OS products hand in hand,” in one of its answers.