Page break in MS word: How to remove page break in MS word on Windows PC/ laptop and Mac

So you’ve mistakenly added page breaks to your MS Word document and can’t figure out how to remove them? Worry not, as we’ve got you covered. As you may know, MS Word is loaded with tons of features and formatting options that serve a particular purpose while drafting a document, with page break being one of those options. That said, in this article, we’ll guide you through the steps on how to remove page breaks in MS Word on Windows PC/ laptop as well as Mac.

What is a page break in MS Word?

Remove Page Break in MS Word on Windows

As the name suggests, a page break is used to begin the text from the next page while keeping the formatting of the current page intact. Though it is depicted by a full-width horizontal line on your current document page, the text you type in after this line will be transferred over to the next page. This really helps when you edit the pages later and want only a specific amount of pages in the said document.

How to remove page break in MS word on Windows PC/ laptop and Mac

The steps to remove a page break in Windows laptop/ PC and Mac are the same. Here’s how to go about it:


  • Head over to the point of the document where page break is present
  • Now in the ‘Home’ tab of MS Word, select the Show/Hide button ()
  • This will reveal the page break as ‘—Page Break—‘
  • Select the page break you want to remove and simply hit the backspace button on your keyboard
  • The page break will be removed. Do the same for other page breaks.
    Also, If you’ve just noticed page breaks added to your doc, undoing it might also remove them i.e. Ctrl + Z for Windows and Cmd + Z for Mac.

    To give a breakdown, the process to remove page breaks is simple and straightforward on both Windows PC/laptop and Mac as you just need to locate these breaks which can be done by the ‘Show/Hide’ button present on the Home tab of MS Word.


    What is the difference between page breaker and blank page?

    A page breaker in MS Word breaks a page and allow you to move the text or other content to the next page before reaching the end of a page. The blank page, on the other hand, is an empty page with no text or any other content over it.

    What is column break, and how it’s different from page break?

    Page break is used when you want the text to begin from the next page, while a column break is used to split the columns and begin the text to the adjacent column. Think of it as articles in newspapers where if there’s an image below the text, the next column begins on the right rather than underneath it.