Placing PS5 vertically may reportedly cause some issues: details here

Placing your PS5 vertically may affect the cooling system of the console, according to a new report.

  • A new report suggests that placing PS5 vertically can damage the console over time.
  • Apparently, the liquid metal in PS5 can flow downward and affect the thermal performance if you place the console vertically.
  • The liquid metal may also come in contact with other PS5 components and potentially brick the console.

Unlike older PlayStation consoles, Sony allows you to place PS5 horizontally and vertically using a stand. The console is placed vertically in a lot of its marketing material as well. However, a new report suggests that keeping your PS5 vertically may be causing some damage to your console. According to a report from GizChina, PS5 may have some issues in the cooling system if you keep it vertically. That being said, Sony hasn’t really addressed any of these concerns and neither have most users reported any issues after using PS5 vertically.

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According to the report, the liquid metal in PS5 can move downwards if the console is placed vertically. The report states that this won’t happen to all consoles, but some consoles may have damaged seals between the APU and cooler. In such consoles, the liquid metal can flow downward and affect PS5’s thermal performance. If the liquid metal comes in contact with other components in the PS5, it can lead to a short circuit that could brick the console altogether. Console System has also shared an image of what the liquid metal looks like if you place the PS5 upright for a long time.

PS5 was launched back in 2020 and there haven’t been a lot of complaints about this issue yet. Sony has shipped more than 25 million PS5 units since its launch, but there are only few reports of liquid metal flowing down and affecting the console. Sony hasn’t made any comment on these reports yet. The company encourages players to use PS5 vertically by providing a dedicated stand and showcasing the console vertically in pretty much all of its marketing material. It would be a major oversight for Sony if it didn’t identify this potential problem in PS5 hardware. Since Sony hasn’t really confirmed this issue yet and a lot of users haven’t reported it either, it is better to take these reports with a grain of salt.