PlayStation DualSense Edge controller expected India price and release date revealed

PlayStation DualSense Edge controller will most likely be available at a premium price in India early next year.

  • The PlayStation DualSense Edge controller is expected to launch in India early next year.
  • The highly-customizable DualSense Edge controller will come at a premium price.
  • Sony will most likely kick off DualSense Edge pre-orders in India soon.

Sony had revealed its upcoming DualSense Edge controller, which will be its first ever highly customizable pro controller. At the time, it was unclear when the controller will make it to India and what its price would be. Gaming industry insider Rishi Alwani has shared some details about the Indian pricing of DualSense Edge and its release date. DualSense Edge will be competing with the likes of Xbox Elite Series controllers that also come with great features and customizability. The new PlayStation controller will be available to pre-order soon.

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DualSense Edge controller is expected to be priced Rs 18,990 in India and it could launch on January 26th, 2023. PlayStation India will most likely kick off pre-orders in the country soon. The DualSense Edge controller is built to be extremely customizable. You can easily remap and deactivate certain button inputs, customize triggers to change dead zones and travel distance, and adjust stick sensitivity and dead zones. You can save controller settings in control profiles as well as switch profiles on-the-fly in different games. This will allow you to create different profiles for various types of games. The DualSense Edge controller also has an Fn button that allows you to switch control profiles, open up profile settings menu to create and test new settings, and adjust game volume and chat balance.

The PlayStation DualSense Edge controller comes with three types of swappable stick caps and two sets of swappable back buttons. Every individual stick module on the controller can be replaced, but replacement modules need to be purchased separately. Besides these, the DualSense Edge controller has DualSense features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, motion controls, microphone, and others. The controller will also come with a USB Type-C braided cable.