PlayStation Plus Spartacus pricing and tiers leak out, will rival Xbox Game Pass

Sony is apparently planning to offer PlayStation Plus with tiers named Essential, Extra, and Premium, with access to monthly games, streaming, and more.

  • A new report from VentureBeat shares more details about Sony’s rumoured PlayStation Plus upgrade, codenamed Spartacus.
  • PS Plus is expected to get three different tiers that offer monthly games, game streaming, game trials, and more.
  • The pricing of three PS Plus tiers will depend on what they offer.

Sony has reportedly been working on an Xbox Game Pass competitor for PlayStation, codenamed Spartacus. The company is expected to offer an upgraded version of PlayStation Plus with a library of games similar to Xbox Game Pass. A new report from VentureBeat has revealed more details about the upcoming PlayStation service. The report claims that PS Plus will get three tiers with access to monthly games, streaming, game trials, and more. All three tiers will have different pricing based on what they offer.

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Sony is apparently planning to offer PS Plus with tiers named Essential, Extra, and Premium. PS Plus Essential is basically the standard PS Plus with monthly games that players can subscribe to right now, and it is priced at $10 (approximately Rs 752). Meanwhile, PS Plus Extra could offer monthly games and a game catalogue of hundreds of older games, similar to Game Pass. PS Plus Extra is expected to be priced at $13 (approximately Rs 978). Finally, PS Plus Premium may give access to monthly games, game catalogue, game streaming, classic games, and game trials at the price of $16 (approximately Rs 1,204).

Game trials seemingly let you download and play new PlayStation games for a limited time, just like EA Play. The Indian pricing for PS Plus tiers is expected to different compared to the US price.

Since the PS Plus tiers and pricing aren’t officially confirmed by Sony yet, these details should be taken with a grain of salt. The tiers and pricing could change by the time the service launches globally. Sony will begin testing Spartacus in the coming weeks, and it is expected to announce details about the subscriptions service in March if everything goes well.

It remains to be seen how PS Plus will be able to compete with Xbox Game Pass. Game Pass gets batches of around 10 games twice a month, and first-party titles are added at launch. Along with these, Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass PC come with an EA Play subscription. Sony could also provide access to first-party games such as Horizon Forbidden West, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, The Last of Us: Part II, and more as part of PS Plus to have a better chance at competing with Xbox Game Pass.