POCO F1 comes out unscathed from JerryRigEverything’s durability test

“The POCO F1 is the most affordable Snapdragon 845-powered smartphone in the market”

The debut offering from Xiaomi’s sub-brand, the POCO F1 (review) has been the hottest new thing in town since its launch. With its starting price tag of Rs 20,999, the smartphone has been tested for its various aspects like performance, gaming, battery life, and camera. However, one of the most gruesome tests are run by Zack Nelson over at JerryRigEverything (YouTube channel). As the name of the channel suggests, the YouTuber likes to rig everything with his latest victim being the F1. Zack threw the POCO F1 to some harsh physical tests, and here’s how it fared.

Zack’s physical durability test is generally divided into three parts — scratch test (for the full body), burn test, and bend test. The unit used in the test was a regular version and not the POCO F1 Armoured Edtion

For the scratch test, the host used nine levels of pressure on the screen of the POCO F1 which has an unspecified version of Corning Gorilla Glass. The device withstood pressures upto level six after which it shows signs of scratches on the display. Zack concluded that usual things lying in the pocket like coins or keys won’t hurt the screen much. The centre earpiece is made of metal and can stand even razor blades or sharp objects to some extent impressively. You probably know that the F1 is made out of plastic, that stands true for its edges as well which got scraped with Zack’s surgical instruments in the durability test. You could see chunks of plastic flying off as he scraped it with his blade. The buttons are, however, made of metal. Oh, and the SIM card tray is also made of plastic, so be careful with that flimsy small thing.

The rear camera module held up very well to the scratch test and also the fingerprint scanner which Zack said was “invincible”. The “Pocophone” branding at the bottom is permanent and won’t fall off with scratches while the rear is completely polycarbonate. Overall, Zack has good impressions in the bend test. Just don’t try to scrape the plastic from it and it’ll be fine.


The next crucial test is the bend test. And if you watch the video, you can see that the POCO F1 is not just another plastic device with a flimsy build. It can stand quite a lot of pressure and doesn’t bend easily even when pressed with both hands. Even the little amount of bend after pressure goes away as soon as the POCO F1 is on its own. The device works perfectly after the test which means components are safe inside.

As for the burn test, Nelson considers it one of the more pointless ones on his job. Nonetheless, the POCO F1 screen was burnt with a lighter and the pixels turned off and after about 10 seconds, they were back on again. 


All in all, Nelson says the POCO F1 passes durability test with flying colours. So, if you were worried about the plastic build of the latest affordable flagship, don’t be because it should be easily able to withstand regular wear and tear.

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