Alleged POCO X4, POCO X4 NFC spotted on IMEI database; launch seems imminent

Ahead of launch, the POCO X4 and POCO X4 NFC have been listed on the IMEI database. POCO X4 will launch in India, while the NFC variant is reserved for the global market.

  • Lately, several POCO smartphones have been listed on the IMEI database.
  • Amongst these, two model numbers are now tipped to carry the POCO X4 and the POCO X4 NFC moniker.
  • Both devices are supposedly launching soon in the global and the Indian market.

Rumours surrounding the POCO X4 series of smartphones have been floating on the Internet for quite a while now. The POCO X4 series will likely consist of (at least) 2 smartphones – POCO X4 and POCO X4 GT. Well, technically, there could be three smartphones, as the POCO X4 will most likely be launched in two avatars – the standard POCO X4 and the POCO X4 NFC variant. This is nothing new, as the brand has done the same in the past as well. Today, the alleged POCO X4 and the POCO X4 NFC have been spotted on the IMEI database, which suggests an imminent launch. Take a look.

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POCO X4, POCO X4 visit IMEI database

As seen in the images above, the POCO X4 (model number 2201116PI) and the POCO X4 NFC (model number 2201116PG) are now being tipped to launch soon. The IMEI listing does not reveal the names of either of the smartphones, but this leak claims that these model numbers indeed belong to these devices. Furthermore, to make it clear for our readers, the POCO X4 is the one that will launch in India (the letter “I” in the model number signifies the fact that it’s the Indian variant) and the POCO X4 NFC is the one launching in the global market.

Whether or not there’d be a specification change in both variants, save for the obvious removal of NFC support from the standard POCO X4, is anyone’s guess for now. That being said, what the brand did with the POCO X3 and the POCO X3 NFC could very well be replicated by their successors.

For now, these are mere speculations and things might change when it comes to the end products. We, therefore, would suggest our readers take things with a slight grain of salt till the time things become officially clear. If and when we receive any more intel surrounding the POCO X4 and/or the POCO X4 NFC, we will make sure to keep you posted on the same.