Poise NX-120, Poise Grace electric scooters launched in India, prices start from Rs 1,04,000

  • Poise Scooters launches two electric scooters, the Poise NX-120 and Poise Grace, in India
  • The Poise e-scooters offer a 55kmph top speed and 110km range on a single charge
  • Poise highlights the removable battery technology deployed in both the new e-scooters

Poise Scooters has launched the Poise NX-120 and the Poise Grace electric scooters in the country and they join other premium electric scooters in a bid to transition India to electric mobility. The Poise NX-120 and the Poise Grace electric scooters also bring in the convenience and practicality of removable batteries. The NX-120 and Grace e-scooters offer a top speed of 55kmph and also fetch the rider an ARAI-certified range of 110km on a single charge. Another upcoming e-scooter from Poise Scooters, called the Zuink, is also under work that aims to deliver a higher top speed of about 90kmph. 

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Poise NX-120, Poise Grace India price, availability 

The Poise NX-120 and Poise Grace carry a sticker price of Rs 1,24,000 and Rs 1,04,000, respectively. These ex-showroom prices are specific to Karnataka and will differ across other states and also will be influenced by state wise subsidies. 

“We aim to strike a balance between technological breakthroughs, cost, accessibility, and sustainability. We hope to be a big part of the EV revolution and contribute to a cleaner India by providing technologically advanced features, ease of maneuverability, and affordable ownership,” said Vittal Belandor, Managing Director, Nisiki Technologies Pvt Ltd

The Poise NX-120 and Pose Grace e-scooters are being manufactured in a high-class facility in Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru. The facility currently has a 30,000 units capacity for its first year and will later increase production to 1,00,000 units in its second year of running.

Poise NX-120, Poise Grace specifications, features 

The Poise NX-120 e-scooter adopts a sporty and aggressive styling with sharp-looking cuts and angles while the Poise Grace, as the name suggests, gets a more rounded treatment making it look more compact. Both the Poise NX-120 and Poise Grace deliver similar power train specifications with a 2kW motor that delivers a top speed of 55kmph and a claimed range of 110km per charge. The removable battery technology deployed in these e-scooters also helps is domestic charging away from the scooter and can be useful for riders living in urban apartment accommodations. The scooters also get the latest new-age features such as LED lighting, alloy wheels, disc brakes, and telescopic front suspension.