Prime Minister Modi announces ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge’ to promote apps made in India

This comes after the Indian government banned 59 mobile apps.

  • The challenge aims to promote existing apps and encourages development of new apps as well
  • This will give better visibility to the existing apps to achieve their goals

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the ”Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge.” It is a platform to boost startups into building ‘Made in India’ apps that would help create local infrastructure. Prime Minister Modi has asked tech communities and start-ups to actively participate in the challenge and this comes as a move to reduce the country’s reliance on foreign products and apps. Announcing the mission, PM Modi in a tweet, said, “Today there is immense enthusiasm among the tech & start-up community to create world-class Made in India Apps. To facilitate their ideas and products @GoI_MeitY and @AIMtoInnovate are launching the Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge.”

Talking more about the mission to encourage local talent, the Prime Minister on LinkedIn said, “Nowadays, we are seeing huge interest and enthusiasm among the start-up and tech ecosystem to innovate, develop and promote homegrown apps. Today, when the entire nation is working towards creating an Aatmanirbhar Bharat, it is a good opportunity to give direction to their efforts, momentum to their hard-work and mentorship to their talent to evolve Apps which can satisfy our market as well as compete with the world.”

The Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge’ will have two models, one that would promote existing apps and the other with the development of new apps. “Track-01 will work in mission mode for identifying good quality Apps for the leader-board and shall be completed in around a month. The Track-02 initiative will work to help create new champions in India by providing support in ideation, incubation, prototyping and roll out along with market access,” Prime Minister Modi wrote in the post. This should help existing apps with better visibility among smartphone users in the country and also help them achieve their goals. The announcement comes after the Indian government banned 59 mobile apps that are linked to China, including TikTok, Helo, YouCam makeup, UC Browser, Mi Community and more.