Here’s how MediaTek-powered Primebook 4G could prove to be a true game-changer

From the onset, Primebook 4G looks like a unique proposition. It’s a laptop meant for students and learners that prides itself on its high price-to-performance ratio. To achieve this, a strong hardware platform was needed and it was provided by the MediaTek MT8788 SoC, with its octa-core CPU and a host of different attributes. The ‘Made-in-India’ device is all set to take the market by storm, giving students an incredible laptop option with a high performance-to-price ratio. Notably, this portable comes with its own OS that supports Android apps. Let’s take a close look at what Primebook brings to the table.

Strong everyday performance

As we said, the MediaTek MT8788 chip beats at the heart of Primebook. This 12nm SoC enables fast performance while keeping battery efficiency on high priority. Its octa-ore setup includes four Cortex-A73 cores focused on high performance and four Cortex-A53 focused on power efficiency, with all of them operating at up to 2GHz. This powerful hardware allows students to experience balanced everyday performance in tasks like participating in online classes, conducting online research, opening large PDFs, jotting down notes, watching YouTube videos, and much more.


The MediaTek MT8788 is also the beneficiary of a highly capable Mali-G72 MP3 GPU, which expertly handles the graphical duties of Primebook. 4GB of RAM goes into the machine, which means there’s ample scope for multitasking as well. Where storage is concerned, this laptop ships with 64GB of in-built space and a microSD card slot that lets you expand it up to 200 GB. As you can see, this is quite a remarkable internal setup that’s primed to provide an immersive learning experience to buyers.

Great connectivity

Primebook indeed ships with Wi-Fi connectivity but its adoption of the MediaTek MT8788 SoC allows it to support 4G LTE networks, offering up to Cat-7 performance. It comes with its own SIM card slot that ensures that you don’t need to rely on your phone’s pesky hotspot for on-the-go connectivity. Whether you’re in your school campus, travelling with your family, or just getting some homework done while the Wi-Fi is down, Primebook’s ability to connect to cellular networks on its own is a big boon.

Moreover, this laptop features several essential ports as well. An HDMI slot ensures that you can connect it to projectors or large screens for your presentations, while two USB slots give you the ability to connect external storage drives and peripherals. There’s even a headphone jack for those who aren’t quite fond of using Bluetooth headsets.

Clean display and slick software


A bright 11.6-inch display can be found on Primebook. It’s a vibrant IPS panel with HD resolution and is ideal for producing clear visuals aided by the Mali-G72 MP3 GPU onboard the MediaTek MT8788 chip. Navigating the interface of this laptop is a treat thanks to its adoption of the proprietary PrimeOS developed by its makers. It’s based on Android 11 and is aimed at allowing students to push the boundaries of their creativity and skills. One of its biggest highlights is its desktop interface, which allows you to place your important apps and files up front instead of keeping them hidden in folders. The software also features the ability to customize keyboard and touchpad responses, apart from creating different student profiles.

Ample battery power

Primebook has been equipped with a large enough battery to deliver more than 10 hours of usage. This is a huge deal for students as it ensures an uninterrupted learning experience and allows them to take their studies wherever they want without worrying about being near a power outlet. The MediaTek MT8788 chipset contributes to achieving this kind of efficiency. Its 12nm build promises outstanding power efficiency and resource management, which allows the laptop to save power at every step.

Bottom line

One look at Primebook and its offerings makes it clear that it’s set to unlock limitless learning opportunities for buyers. Its strong connectivity and promising hardware, made possible by the presence of the MediaTek MT8788 SoC, give the laptop a unique presence in its price category. And then there’s its feature-laden software, which is also a big highlight. While Primebook was originally priced at Rs 16,990, as part of an introductory offer, you will be able to buy the device at a discounted price of Rs 14,990 on Flipkart. With amazing features at an attractive price point, this could be the ideal fit for students and professionals alike.