PS5 pre-order cancelled by Croma? Don’t worry, you will be on priority list for next round

  • Croma is reaching out to people who got their PS5 pre-orders cancelled in January. 
  • Users need to provide a cancellation invoice as proof, following which they will be provided with a payment link.  
  • Deliveries are expected to start on May 24th but could vary according to regional guidelines. 

Those trying to get their hands on a PS5 a few days ago were left disappointed as the consoles sold out within minutes across all platforms. Much like last time, stocks were abysmally low, with some estimates suggesting that they were even lower than 4,000 units that made it to India at launch. Many retailers had to cancel the first batch of pre-orders due to lack of availability. Croma happened to be one of them, and unlike Reliance Digital, it actually plans on redeeming itself. A post on Croma’s official Instagram page (via IGN India) says that anyone who got their pre-orders cancelled will be given priority for future restocks. 

Furthermore, Croma is going the extra mile by contacting users who had their pre-orders cancelled the first time around. Interested parties are provided with the option to pay for their PS5 on the spot. We can confirm this via Twitter user @PS5_India, who reached out to us with proof and even talked to a few Croma insiders to make sure that the endeavour isn’t a scam. He also had a bot that will notify you of PS5 restocks the moment they happen.

However, we ask our readers to exercise caution while clicking on payment links. Now that the word is out about Croma contracting customers with purchase links, there will undoubtedly be a few unscrupulous scammers on the prowl for victims. Always check with official resources before committing to a purchase. 

Deliveries for the said PS5 units should start on May 24th. This applies to Croma, Amazon, ShopAtSC, Flipkart and all other online retailers, although your mileage may vary according to your location. The cheaper PS5 Digital Edition is still exclusive to ShopAtSC, though. Those looking to get their hands on a PS5 may not have to wait very long, as the next round of restocks is expected to arrive sometime in June, so keep your eyes peeled.