PS5 India release in January 2021? Here’s what Sony had to say about the launch date

Is the PS5 launching in India in January 2021, as some retailers are claiming? Sony India has provided a statement on the matter.

  • Local game stores claim that PS5 will be officially available in India in January 2021
  • Sony India has denied the claims
  • PS5 launch date in India is yet to be officially announced

The Sony PlayStation 5 has already been launched in several markets around the world, but the India launch date is yet to be announced. It is reported that some local game stores in India have been informing consumers about the PS5 officially releasing in India in January 2021. The Mako Reactor spoke to some of these stores in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai only to get a similar confirmation. However, Sony India has denied the claims and maintains that the PS5 launch date in India is yet to be announced.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has not yet announced a launch date for PS5 in India,” a Sony spokesperson confirmed to The Mako Reactor over email. “We will share an update on a launch date for India as soon as more information becomes available; meanwhile please continue to monitor the official PlayStation channels,” said Sony. It appears that stores may have received the news unofficially by some Sony India employees without any formal confirmation from the company.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has not yet announced a launch date for PS5 in India

Despite some retailers asking Sony sales executives to give January 2021 launch timeline confirmation by mail, it never happened. “I asked my Sony rep to put this on email and they weren’t willing to do so. All we got is a verbal communication on it, nothing on email,” said one of the retailers who wished to remain anonymous. It isn’t clear why Sony was reluctant to confirm the January 2021 PS5 launch in India officially.

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Supply chain sources mentioned there are several factors that need to be ironed out before the company can announce anything formally. One of these factors may include the number of PS5 units that will be available at launch so the initial demand is met. Sources claim that 12,000 to 15,000 units would be ideal. For comparison, 4,500 PS4 units were available at launch on January 6th, 2014, and these were sold out in two weeks. Furthermore, PS5 Digital Edition units may not be available in large numbers in India, much like the rest of the world.