Next PS5 India restock date is July 26th: here’s what you need to know before pre-ordering

It looks like a fresh batch of PlayStation 5 consoles will be up for grabs sooner than you think.

  • Next PS5 India restock date has been set for July 26th. 
  • Both the regular PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition will be up for grabs. 
  • Availability will be severely limited across online and offline platforms. 

Were you unable to snag a PS5 the last time it was in stock? Worry not, as another round of consoles are entering the market soon. The next PS5 India restock date has just been confirmed by multiple sources including IGN India and Twitter user @PS5_India. Both the regular PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition will be up for grabs this time around via all popular online retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, ShopAtSC, and more. You can find out more about where to get a PlayStation 5 in India via our dedicated post that lists all the retailers and their listings. However, we recommend that you exercise some caution while buying from a few retailers. 

Beware of PS5 scalpers and cancelled orders

Offline availability still continues to be a problem. Brick and mortar stores get a paltry number of consoles, to begin with, which almost always end up being scalped, often by Sony employees. The situation is unlikely to improve until Sony ramps up production, and that isn’t happening until next year, at least. 

Even online retailers aren’t particularly reliable. Reliance Digital, in particular, has repeatedly cancelled orders without users’ consent. Flipkart and Croma did something similar, too, but Croma made up for it by letting the users buy a PS5 before others during the next restock. ShopAtSC and Amazon are the only retailers with a spotless track record, so far. 

Rumour has it that the stock will be incredibly limited this time around, so it’s best to stay on your toes, as PS5s tend to sell out within seconds of going on sale. Fewer than 500 PS5 consoles made it to India the last time, and that number isn’t going to be any higher now.