Next PS5 India pre-order date revealed on ShopAtSC, expect delivery around June 7th

The next PS5 India restock date has been revealed on the ShopAtSC website.

  • Next PS5 restock in India arriving on May 27th.
  • ShopAtSC has revealed the next PS5 pre-order and delivery dates.
  • A wider PS5 Digital Edition availability can be expected.

PS5 India pre-order date for the next batch has been revealed on Sony’s ShopAtSC website. This comes after a report revealed that the next PS5 India restock would happen in June. Turns out, the next PS5 India restock date will arrive earlier than expected. According to the ShopAtSC website, the PS5 pre-order date in India is May 27th from 12 noon onwards. As usual, you can expect the upcoming batch to go out of stock in minutes, which has been the general trend in India. To recall, the previous PS5 pre-order in India on May 17th went out of stock in mere seconds. The ShopATSC was also the only website to sell the PS5 Digital Edition model, which is priced at Rs 39,990.

PS5 pre-order date on ShopAtSC revealed

The FAQ section on the ShopAtSC website revealed that the PS5 India pre-order date is May 27th and deliveries can be expected around June 7th. “Visit the collection that is going to be available for pre-order on 27th May, 2021 from 12 noon onwards. Add the products into the cart and checkout using digital payments,” the website reads. “We intend to deliver your allocated stocks around 7th June, 2021 and onwards – however please expect a delay in our delivery services which might get impacted due to regulations imposed by lockdown/ curfew in your locations.”

It is interesting to see PS5 restock in India now coming in shorter intervals compared to earlier this year. As per IGN India’s latest report, this is because of the release of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Sony reportedly wants to avoid criticism of releasing a major PS5 title without offering the console to play on. You can expect more PS5 Digital Edition units available for pre-order in the next round of restocks.

With that said, you will still need to be quick to pre-order the PS5 on May 27th as we expect units to go out of stock quickly. There is no word on how many units will be up for grabs, but Sony has already warned of limited stocks through 2021 as well as in 2022.