Sold out in seconds! PS5 units go out of stock in India in mere seconds during today’s pre-order

The PS5 was available via Flipkart, Amazon India, and Sony's ShopAtSC.

  • The PlayStation 5 pre-order went live at 12PM in India today
  • The stock was sold out in just seconds after it was available for purchase online.
  • PS5 units were available on Flipkart, Amazon, and via the official Sony Center online shop. 

At 12 PM today, Sony restocked the PS5 gaming consoles across some online stores in India. This restock came as a delight to gamers who’ve been waiting a long time to get their hands on a PS5 in India. However, the PS5 pre order in India was over in a matter of seconds. Since its launch in India earlier this year, there has been a major stock shortage in the country. And those who were expecting to get their hands on the console will face a similar shortage through 2022, according to Sony.

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PS5 India pre-order units go out of stock

Sony restocked both the standard PlayStation 5, and the PS5 Digital Edition, across Amazon India, Flipkart, and its official Sony Center online store, at 12PM today. This was also the first sale for the Digital Edition, which costs less than the standard variant. And as expected, the PS5 Digital Edition, which was only available through ShopAtSC, was the first to go out of stock. The company did state that the stock would be limited as there is a global shortage. 

The disk variant of the console was available for purchase via Amazon India and Flipkart, whereas ShopAtSC also offered the Digital Edition at Rs 39,999. As you can see from the screenshot above, both variants are now sold out at ShopAtSC. Even the units distributed to Amazon India and Flipkart are no longer in stock. The PS5 DualSense wireless controller is still available for purchase though. 

When Sony launched the PS5 disk edition in India earlier this year, only around 4,000 units were available for sale. It looks like the second restock may have also contained a similar number of units. We have no idea when Sony will add more stock but don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. With the ongoing pandemic, the chip shortage, and production issues, we will continue to see PS5 shortages till next year.