PS5 pre-orders in India: Sony reportedly cracking down on unofficial pre-bookings

PS5 pre-orders in India are yet to begin yet some retail outlets are taking cash upfront from customers, promising a PS5 with bill and warranty when it releases.

  • PS5 pre-orders are yet to begin in India
  • Some retail outlets are reportedly taking cash upfront for PS5 orders
  • Sony has instructed the retail stores to issue a refund to customers

Sony is taking action against unofficial PS5 pre-orders in India, according to a new report. PS5 release date in India has not been officially announced by the company, though the November 19th launch was listed a couple of times on the official website. Moreover, Sony is yet to officially announce the PS5 pre-orders in India as well, yet some retailers across the country are taking cash upfront from eager customers on the promise of receiving a PS5 when it releases in India. Sony India has told The Mako Reactor that it has not instructed retail outlets to take cash upfront for the PS5. 

Sony has reportedly instructed the retail outlets to refund the money they took from customers on the premise of PS5 pre-orders. The company has also stated that the retail outlets should not communicate anything regarding the PS5 pre-orders in India or the release date. 

In case you’re a customer who paid upfront for the PS5 from a store that has promised that you will get the console along with the bill and warranty, you should seek a refund immediately. As mentioned earlier, Sony is yet to officially announce the PS5 India pre-orders and release date and any retail outlet demanding money for the console is doing so unofficially. 

When asked if Sony had authorised retail stores to take cash upfront from customers for the PS5, a Sony India spokesperson told The Mako Reactor “The answer is no” over email. This is reportedly happening at retail outlets in Delhi, Chandigarh, Chennai, and Mumbai. Sony has so far only revealed the PS5 price in India, which starts from Rs 39,990 for the Digital Edition.