PS5 release date in India yet to be announced, here’s why

PS5 release date in India is yet to be announced by Sony India and a new report reveals what the reason behind it could be.

  • Sony India is yet to officially announce the PS5 release date in India
  • The decision is reportedly up to a team located outside India
  • PS5 price in India starts from Rs 39,990

Although it is virtually impossible to get your hands on an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S due to stock shortages, Microsoft at least managed to launch the consoles in India earlier this month. The same can’t be said about Sony’s new gaming console as the PS5 release date in India is yet to be announced. The PS5 launched globally a few days ago, but Sony India has stayed mum about the console’s India launch as well as pre-order dates. For all intents and purposes, the PlayStation 5 does not have an official release date in India, and the situation doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. A report by The Mako Reactor sheds some light on why that is the case.

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One of the main reasons why Sony India has been tight-lipped about the PS5 India release date is because it has virtually no say in the matter. The Mako Reactor’s sources suggest that all the decisions are made by a team based outside of India. Sony India only acts in an advisory capacity, with virtually no power over critical parameters like the number of units allocated and pricing. The PS5’s entry into the Indian market was further muddied by a copyright dispute earlier, which appears to have been resolved.

Despite not being available in India officially, enterprising grey market resellers are having a field day selling PS5 units at astronomically high prices. One unit reportedly sold for Rs 1,20,000, which is over twice the actual PS5 price in India of Rs 49,990 price tag. Regardless, Sony India seems to be no rush to release the console in India, as PS4 Pro units continue to fly off the shelves during the pandemic. At this point, it is painfully obvious that Sony is focussed on selling the console in other markets, though India remains one of the most lucrative markets still.