PS5 Slim rumoured to be in development at Sony, launch expected in 2023

PS5 Slim is seemingly in the works at Sony, with a thinner and lighter form factor compared to the current console.

  • Sony is rumoured to be working on PS5 Slim.
  • Just like the PS4 Slim, PS5 Slim could be thinner and lighter than the current console.
  • PS5 Slim production is expected to begin in Q2 2023, with a full launch in Q3.

PS5 is apparently getting a major refresh next year. A report from The Leak claims that Sony is working on a PS5 Slim console. Sony had done something similar with the PS4 Slim, which had a slimmer and lighter form factor compared to the PS4 with the same specs. It won’t be surprising to see Sony go the same route with the PS5. That being said, there have been quite a few rumours about PS5 refresh including the apparent development of PS5 Pro, without any confirmation from Sony.

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According to The Leak, the upcoming thinner PS5 won’t be referred to as PS5 Slim, it may have a different name. The rumoured console could have a new design, which could offer a thinner and lighter form factor. Sony is apparently using a die-shrink treatment to significantly reduce the size of the console. It could also need to draw less power and run cooler than the standard PS5. Besides these, Sony is rumoured to remove the stand on the PS5 when it is placed horizontally. The production of PS5 Slim is expected to begin Q2 2023, with a full launch in Q3. That said, since Sony hasn’t confirmed any of these details yet, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

A PS5 refresh from Sony is pretty much expected at this point. The console has been out for almost two years, with stock situations seemingly improving across the globe. Sony has already made some tweaks under the hood of PS5 to improve performance and make it more power efficient. Besides these, reports suggest that the company is working on a PS5 model with a detachable disc drive, which will be sold separately.