PS5 sold out online on launch day in several markets; India release nowhere in sight

Sony PS5 released in several markets on Thursday and has reportedly sold out online in Japan due to high demand.

  • Sony PS5 released in several markets on Thursday
  • The console sold out in Japan due to high demand
  • Sony is yet to announce the PS5 release date in India

Sony PS5 has reportedly sold out online in several markets on the very first day of release. The next-gen gaming console released on Thursday in markets like Japan, but customers could only place the order online due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Reuters reports that due to the first day real-world sales being limited to pre-order pick-ups, the console was sold out on major retail websites in Japan. While the console goes on sale in several markets today, including the US, there is no word yet on the PS5 release date in India

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The report adds that the pandemic has seen a sharp rise in gaming demand, which in turn is seeing more demand for the next-gen console from Sony and Microsoft. The Xbox Series X and Series S went on sale globally, including India a few days ago. Due to high demand and low supply of the PS5, several markets are also seeing consumers paying as high as three times the actual price for pre-ordering the console. Chinese e-retail website was reportedly selling the PS5 for as high as CNY 12,888 (roughly USD 1,950) when the actual cost of the console is USD 499. Sony has also been cracking down on unofficial pre-bookings in India. “On Japan’s top flea market platform from Mercari Inc, consoles were selling for more than $900,” Reuters reports.

Analysts believe that shortages of PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S units will continue into 2021 as the pandemic continues to grip the world and drives gaming demand. 

Sony is yet to reveal the PS5 release date in India, though the November 12th date was spotted several times on the official India website. It’s unclear why Sony is holding out on a potentially huge market, especially during the current time. What’s more surprising is that there is also no PS5 pre-order date for India as well. Sony revealed a while back that the PS5 price in India is set at Rs 39,990 for the Digital Edition and Rs 49,990 for the console supporting Blu-ray disk drive.