PUBG hiring in India, but this does not mean PUBG Mobile is coming back

PUBG Corp hiring won't affect the PUBG Mobile ban in India. The company is hiring for its new operation office in India for the console and PC version of PUBG.

  • PUBG Corp posted a job opening on Linkedin
  • This has sparked speculation that PUBG Mobile could come back
  • The mobile version isn’t getting unbanned anytime soon

PUBG Corp has posted a job opening on LinkedIn in India which has sparked speculations that PUBG Mobile could be coming back. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. PUBG Corp is hiring for ‘Corporate Development Division Manager’ position, as per the listing. The person applying for the position will have to “Support the setup process PUBG India with guidance from HQ (i.e., Krafton Inc.).” The ‘PUBG India’ here means an operational office in India for the console and PC version of the game — which is very much active in the country. This essentially means that PUBG Mobile ban in India will remain in place for the forseeable future.

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PUBG Corp has similar offices for its PC and console divisions in North America, Europe, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia as well. While the company is working to revive PUBG Mobile in India, setting up an operational office doesn’t necessarily guarantee that. PUBG Mobile was banned in the country due to its ties with the Chinese company Tencent Games. Those ties have been broken ever since and PUBG Mobile is looking for Indian investors to publish the game in the country.

It was recently reported that the game maker is in talks with Airtel over the distribution rights of PUBG Mobile in India. Airtel and PUBG both haven’t officially announced this yet, but the talks are said to be in the initial stage now. The company was previously reported to be working out a deal with Jio, which didn’t reach any conclusive stage.