PUBG 2.0 and PUBG Mobile 2.0 reportedly in development; launch may not be too far away

The new PUBG Mobile 2.0 game will be a sequel to PUBG mobile with several improvements

  • PUBG Mobile 2.0 is being developed by South Korean studio Krafton
  • The sequel to PUBG Mobile has been in development for quite some time under the name Project XTRM
  • PUBG 2.0 launch will reportedly be around the company’s IPO

Some good news for all PUBG Mobile and PUBG players all over the world. According to a report by Korean publication MTN, the sequel to the immensely popular battle royale game is currently being developed. There’s no PUBG Mobile 2.0 launch date yet, or any real details for that matter, but it is most certainly in development at the South Korean studio Krafton that made the first edition. The game is being developed under the title Project XTRM and has been in development since the first half of last year. PUBG has seen a lot of success since its launch and has taken the world of battle royales by storm. A new game with improved gameplay, better maps, more weapons, and other changes would be exciting for all PUBG fans. 

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PUBG Mobile 2.0 in development

The reports first came from the Korean news media site MTN. The website claimed that PUBG 2.0 and PUBG Mobile 2.0 are under development, wherein the mobile version was called Project XTRM. It further stated that a team in Krafton working on a cross-platform sequel to PUBG was transferred to the main PUBG team. The game is still in development at the moment, and only if completed successfully, it would be called PUBG 2.0.

PUBG Data miner (Twitter handle @PlayerIGN) said that there should be a global announcement soon. Although he was convinced that PUBG 2.0 would be a cross-platform title, he now believes that it won’t. PUBG Mobile 2.0, if released, should be more popular than the first title, especially if it features several improvements and new maps. We will have to wait to know more about the game though, as the reports haven’t revealed any details.

PUBG 2.0 launch

The MTN report mentions that PUBG 2.0 launch will be crucial for Krafton as the company is exploring the possibility of an IPO. It is not known when the IPO may happen, but a strong, positive reaction to the PUBG 2.0 launch ahead of the IPO would bode well for the company. Going by that, we can estimate the game to launch sometime late this year or early next year, depending on where it is in the development cycle. The MTN report mentions a late-2022 timeline for the IPO. However, it should be noted that Krafton looking at the possibility of an IPO does not mean that it will definitely end up going public. Companies like Uber have explored IPOs for years before finally taking the stock market plunge.

Of course, fans in India will be left out of all the fun since PUBG Mobile has been banned in India. Krafton has severed ties with Chinese giant Tencent – which published the game in India – and has partnered with Microsoft to store data of Indian gamers locally. The company has already started taking pre-registrations for the game in India to gauge interest and committed that the game launching here will be different from the global version, complete with a welcome crate. However, despite all the efforts Krafton and its subsidiary Bluehole are making for a PUBG Mobile India re-launch, the government recently said it has not given any permission to lift the ban yet.

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