PUBG Mobile India APK download link briefly went live; release seems imminent

PUBG Mobile India release date is yet to be announced but the APK download link and Google Play listing went live briefly.

  • PUBG Mobile India APK link was briefly listed release date expected soon
  • While the APK download option was available, the button did not work
  • PUBG Mobile India release date is yet to be announced

PUBG Mobile India release seems around the corner as the game reportedly went live in the country on Friday for a couple of hours. The PUBG Mobile India APK download link briefly appeared on the company’s website for some users. While the download option was available, the button did not work – as per reports. The company could have been testing the bandwidth before the official PUBG Mobile India launch. The development comes on the back of another teaser released on the same day, which reveals that the game will be available for download in ‘few hours’ on the Google Play Store and as an APK download separately for Android devices.

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While PUBG Corporation is yet to announce the official PUBG Mobile India release date, it’s expected to conduct a ‘press conference’ on November 24th via Facebook where questions around the game’s comeback will be answered. PUBG Mobile, as you may recall, was banned back in September along with 117 other Chinese apps owing to security reasons. PUBG Corporation has confirmed that the PUBG Mobile India re-launch will take place with some cosmetic changes to suit Indian sensibilities and minus the backing of the Chinese investor Tencent.

The PUBG Mobile India will also be slightly different from the global version. The company claims that it’ll give special priority to users’ privacy and promote “a secure and healthy gameplay environment”. The game will come with all characters fully clothed from the very beginning and less visual bloodshed as the blood will be green instead of red. The game will also offer a virtual simulation training ground setting and time restriction to promote healthy gameplay habits. That said, the developers say PUBG Mobile India will not be ‘fundamentally’ different from the original PUBG Mobile. Based on early reports, PUBG Mobile India users will be able to resume with their old IDs and achievements. This, however, will not apply to users with banned profiles.