PUBG Mobile data can be retrieved on Battlegrounds Mobile India until this date

Battlegrounds Mobile India open beta for pre-registered users is now available. You can download the unreleased game through the Google Play Console after signing up as a beta tester from this link. Krafton is only accepting a limited number of testers, for now, so you may not be able to sign up at the time of reading this article. Fortunately, 91mobiles has managed to gain access to the Battlegrounds Mobile India beta version and we have begun exploring the game to see just how similar it is to PUBG Mobile. One of the biggest concerns for fans has been about carrying forward their existing PUBG Mobile data to BGMI. Well, after playing the game we have an answer for you.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India will let you transfer your PUBG Mobile progress

PUBG Mobile data transfer

We have discovered that Battlegrounds Mobile India allows you to import your PUBG Mobile data. However, you will only be allowed to do so until December 2021. This means from January 2022, your existing PUBG Mobile data will no longer be accessible and will likely be deleted. By transferring your existing PUBG Mobile player progress, you will be able to continue from where you left off. Any game-related and personal data from PUBG Mobile transferred to BGMI will be stored securely in Krafton’s cloud server in India and/or Singapore.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Battlegrounds Mobile India will require a phone number and OTP authentication in order to sign-in and play the game. This caused concern as it meant that PUBG Mobile players would not be able to carry forward their data. To recall, PUBG Mobile could be played by logging in through Facebook or Twitter. Well, we can confirm that Battlegrounds Mobile India also comes with the same log-in methods.

In fact, our initial impressions of BGMI are that it looks almost identical to PUBG Mobile. The gameplay, graphics, maps, weapons, and more are similar between the two games. We will share a deeper dive into Battlegrounds Mobile India soon to highlight all the things we have learned after playing the game. Suffice it to say that Krafton does not seem to be hiding connections to PUBG Mobile, which causes some concern as to whether the upcoming game will face a similar fate in India as the original.

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date was said to be June 18th. But with the beta version out now, it might take a few more days before we see the public version launch. Krafton will use the next few days to fix any bigs and issues beta testers point out.