PUBG Mobile player progress and inventory may not carry over to Battlegrounds Mobile India

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India may not let players transfer their inventory from PUBG Mobile. 
  • Krafton has not officially commented on the matter.
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registrations start on May 18th in India. 

After what seemed like an eternity, PUBG Mobile India Battlegrounds Mobile India is all set to make its grand re-entry into the Indian market. Pre-registrations for the game start on May 18th and it will remain exclusive to the Indian subcontinent. Krafton also promised some region-specific exclusive content. Unfortunately, the Battlegrounds Mobile India announcement has also resulted in wild speculations from several personalities. One such example is a YouTube content creator who claims that all Battlegrounds Mobile India players will be able to bring over their inventory from PUBG Mobile. Sources familiar with the matter have told IGN India, however, that the chances of this happening are slim. It is also worth noting that Krafton has not commented on the matter. Therefore, we can reasonably conclude that the rumour about Battlegrounds Mobile India allowing players to transfer their in-game items from PUBG Mobile is false as of now. 

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Porting over data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India will be nothing short of a logistical nightmare for both Krafton and the game’s former publisher, Tencent. Furthermore, it is quite apparent that Krafton wants nothing to do with Tencent, given that the latter’s Chinese origins are what got PUBG Mobile banned in the first place. Long-time PUBG veterans may find it a tad frustrating to let go of years worth of in-game cosmetics. Krafton could award long-time PUBG enthusiasts with a few in-game perks, but an entire inventory transfer seems unlikely. 

Recent teasers have shown us that Battlegrounds Mobile India will have a lot in common with PUBG Mobile. The former is, after all, a rebadged version of the latter, so no surprises here. At best, Battlegrounds Mobile India might get similar maps as seen on PUBG Mobile, but with different names so as to avoid comparisons.