PUBG Mobile Zombie Survival mode is now live with version 0.11.0 update

“The new mode is called Zombie: Survive till dawn and it will pit players against zombies from Resident Evil 2”

One of the most awaited mode on PUBG is now going live for mobile users. After installing the latest PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update on your smartphones, you will be able to try out the new Zombie mode called Zombie: Survive till Dawn. On Android devices, the update weighs around 440MB and is rolling out as we speak. If you haven’t received the update yet, then do not worry, it will take a few hours to reach all devices. 

The Zombie mode is available only for a limited time and we recommend trying it out while you can. The mode works on the Erangel map, but introduces new weather elements and, of course, the zombies. Thanks to a partnership with Capcoms Resident Evil 2 title, the Zombie mode gets monsters and zombies from the game. You will have to kill these zombies to get to treasures and items. All of this, while you have enemies trying to kill you as well. 


We recommend that you play this new mode with a squad, unless you are sure that you can tackle zombies and enemies all by yourself. The bosses are harder to kill as they can take in a lot of damage. Playing with a squad can help improve your chances of getting that Chicken dinner. You also get to listen to the Resident Evil 2 theme in the main menu and during gameplay.

Apart from the new Zombie: Survive till Dawn mode, the update also introduces a new weather called Moonlight on the Vikendi map. The update adds several new events such as the Pandemic Treasure and Anniversary Treasure. There are new Anniversary emotes, frames and emotes added, with several items available on sale. The Sanhok map is now available as a Quick Match in Arcade mode. There are some changes to the houses found in the Vikendi map. Tencent has also added new player Spaces where all the information of a player is available. Finally, some bugs such as the issue with terrain display on budget phones, has been fixed. Previous results are now kept for up to a month.

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