PUBG New State: Krafton gives free rewards to players temporarily blocked due to a bug

  • A bug in PUBG New State allowed some players to unintentionally claim certain in-game items.
  • These players were temporarily blocked from accessing PUBG New State.
  • PUBG New State went through an emergency update to fix the issue and restore player accounts.

PUBG New State went through an emergency maintenance yesterday to fix a bug where in-game items were mistakenly claimed by some players. The players affected by this bug were temporarily blocked from playing the game. The accounts of these players have been restored after the emergency maintenance and the issue has been fixed. Issues like these are pretty common in multiplayer games, but they can ruin the overall gameplay experience. Krafton has apologised for the bug and has promised to continue improving PUBG New State.

Krafton has compensated affected PUBG New State players with in-game items, which are most likely Chicken Medals. These players can claim these items from their in-game mail.

This bug isn’t the only issue in the game so far. PUBG New State had a rough launch due to server and performance issues. At the time, Krafton had claimed that the game will be fixed with future updates. There have been several updates since, but players continue to complain about game crashes, bugs, performance issues, and glitches. Issues like these could be affecting low-end devices much more compared to high-end smartphones. Some players have also reported that their account is constantly getting banned for no apparent reason. Considering all of these issues, it’s quite possible that Krafton may have released PUBG New State much before it was ready for a full launch.

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Hopefully, Krafton will fix issues in PUBG New State soon and offer a much better experience with the game. The dev team has recently said that it has made game optimisation its top priority and the bugs will be fixed gradually with new updates.