PUBG New State next update to bring Bugatti Rimac Nevera sports car

Krafton has announced a new partnership with the European car manufacturer Bugatti Rimac, which will bring the Rimac Nevera sports car to PUBG New State.

  • PUBG New State gets its first-ever partnership with Bugatti Rimac to bring one of the fastest sports cars to the game.
  • PUBG New State will also get Nevera-themed crate in the in-game shop.
  • Krafton will share more details about the upcoming PUBG New State collaboration in the coming weeks.

Krafton has announced a new partnership with the European car manufacturer Bugatti Rimac, which will introduce one of the fastest sports cars in PUBG New State. The game will get a new update later this month, which will bring Bugatti Rimac Nevera and more new content. The new sports car will also be added as part of a limited-time themed crate in the PUBG New State shop. This is the first-ever PUBG New State partnership since the game launched in November 2021.

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The upcoming PUBG New State update brings Rimac Nevera to the Troi map. Players will be able to find the car and take it on a test drive. The Nevera is an electric vehicle with 1,914 horsepower and 258 miles-per-hour speed, which allows it to reach a quarter-mile in just nine seconds. While talking about the new collaboration, Minkyu Park, executive producer of PUBG New State, said, “We are extremely excited to announce our first collaboration and it is truly an honor to have Bugatti-Rimac, an innovative and iconic car brand, with us to kick start the new year. This is a landmark collaboration for us and adding the Rimac Nevera to the game will help electrify the game’s fun, intensity and experiences for our fans.”

PUBG New State will get a limited-time Nevera-themed crate that will feature five different colours for the car including Gunpowder Grey, Nevera Blue, Sunburst Red, Prism Glow, and Luminous Gold. The crate is also expected to have other Nevera-themed cosmetics such as skins for parachutes and outfits. Krafton will announce more details about Rimac Nevera and other new content in the coming weeks.