PUBG New State lag, game control, and optimisation fixes coming via updates, developers say

PUBG New State lag, game control, and optimisation issues to be fixed on priority via updates in the near future. Read on to find out more.

  • PUBG New State launched on November 11th has been plagued with numerous issues that dial down the gaming experience.
  • Krafton developers have identified and classified the problems under three categories – Game Control, Lag and Optimisation 
  • Over the course of time in the near future, the developers will be pushing fixes via updates to smoothen out the experience 

PUBG New State went online earlier this month and the game has been reported to have several bugs and issues. The battle royale game at its fundamentals remains enjoyable but some niggles scattered across bring the gaming experience a couple of notches down. Player complaints include unwarranted lags and optimisation issues that dull the gaming experience. The PUBG: New State developer team has promised to push out fixes for lags, game control, and optimisation gradually via updates. However, there is a long way to go and the dev team has acknowledged the problems and is working to iron out the issues. 

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PUBG New State issues to get fixed via patches

PUBG New State was launched a couple of days back on November 11th and since then has been reported to be bugged with issues that have dialled down the gaming experience of the new game from Krafton. The PUBG New State was introduced to bring in modern and advanced warfare gameplay and has already garnered 1 crore downloads. However, the issues that have plagued the game need to be sorted out before the game is completely enjoyable. The issues raised have been acknowledged by the dev team at Krafton and reassurances have been made to push out fixes for the same. 

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The Krafton developer team has taken to Twitter to acknowledge the issues and has identified and classified the issues into three main top priority categories – Game Control, Lag, and Optimisation. It is expected that the response will come in the form of some patches in the near future. The game, however, has received recently a hotfix that has addressed issues in some areas. But a large portion of problems is yet to be addressed. The developer team is expected to push for more updates in the near future that will smoothen out the issues and bring the game to a decent version of itself.