PUBG: New State launch trailer out; release date and final technical test dates revealed

PUBG Mobile's futuristic sequel, PUBG: New State, release date confirmed by Krafton. Check out the launch trailer and more.

  • Krafton has revealed the launch trailer of the much-anticipated PUBG: New State.
  • PUBG: New State will release on November 11th, 2021, for iOS and Android.
  • The final technical test for PUBG: New State will run from October 29 to October 30.

Krafton has finally shared the launch trailer of PUBG: New State, which confirms the previously leaked release date for the game. PUBG: New State is the futuristic sequel of the popular battle royale game that Krafton and PUBG Studios refers to as “next-gen battle royale.” The game is already immensely popular in the mobile gaming community, with over 40 million pre-registrations on Android and iOS so far. Krafton has also announced dates for the final technical test of PUBG: New State.

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PUBG: New State launch trailer, release date

The launch trailer of PUBG: New State offers a glimpse at what you can expect from the much-anticipated title. The trailer opens by focusing different characters in the game’s universe as well as the action-packed gunplay. The game will feature several vehicles with LED lights, drone, factions, and more. Based on the trailer, many elements of the combat stay true to PUBG Mobile. PUBG: New State will have four maps including the new map, Troi, and the fan favourite, Erangel. The game will feature better weapon customization, new vehicles, drone shops, player recruitment system, and more.

Krafton has confirmed that PUBG: New State release date is November 11, 2021, for iOS and Android.

PUBG: New State final technical test dates

PUBG: New State will get a final technical test that runs from October 29 to October 30. It will be held in 28 countries in regions like Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Countries that can participate in the technical test include Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Turkey, and more. Unfortunately, India isn’t listed as part of the final technical test.

Krafton has also designed a more effective anti-cheat strategy for PUBG: New State. PUBG Studios’ Head of Anti-cheat Unit, Sangwan Kim, has claimed that Krafton will ban the use of unauthorized programs, keyboard and mouse, and emulators, as well as actively detect and restrict hacking in the game.