PUBG New State launch trailer to be out soon, release date reveal might follow

PUBG New State is to get its launch trailer soon and will be followed by a big announcement, which will likely be the release date. Read on to know more.

  • PUBG New State teased to get a launch trailer soon along with a big announcement.
  • The big announcement could likely be the release date for PUBG New State.
  • PUBG New State promises to be a brand new take on the Battle Royale format with the inclusion of advanced and futuristic gameplay.

PUBG New State, the much-awaited shooting game that intends to be different from Battlegrounds Mobile India, will get its launch trailer soon. The release date for the game will is also likely to be disclosed alongside the trailer. The game intends to deliver the Battle Royale experience in a whole new way and has captured the imagination of many, from and outside the gaming community. The game was available for pre-registration for quite some time now and it has now been notified that the launch trailer would drop soon along with another big announcement, which could be the release date. 

PUBG New State trailer launch soon

PUBG New State is a whole new take on the Battle Royale concept popularised to a global scale by PUBG. The PUBG New State game incorporates futuristic weaponry and advanced technology. One of the biggest attractions is the new map of TROI. The futuristic city of TROI will set the stage for the Battle Royale phenomenon while incorporating period-correct elements that take the experience to a whole new level. 

Developers have been slowly disclosing more information regarding various aspects of the PUBG New State game including finer things like weapon recoil and the visualization of the new HUD system. The game serves a lot of hype in the gaming community and has been more intensified by the promises made by the devs who promise that PUBG New State pushes boundaries when it comes to graphics, visuals, realistic and dynamic gunplay. 

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With much promise and an equal amount of hype surrounding it, PUBG New State could very well become the new big game title in the near future. Clear details of the game release are still unknown, however, the trailer launch will take place soon enough. The PUBG New State will be rolled out to pre-registered users on iOS and Android.  People who had pre-registered will also get benefits from exclusive vehicle skins.