PUBG New State NC: 3 easy methods to get NC in PUBG New State for free

Here's an easy guide to get NC in Krafton's PUBG New State.

Krafton’s new battle royale title, PUBG New State (review), has been launched. The game is set in the year 2051, and it features new maps like Troi and Station. It also comes with new electric vehicles, drone shops, trams, and more. The fan-favourite Team Deathmatch mode returns in PUBG New State, and it takes place on the Station map. Along with these, Erangel makes a comeback as Erangel 2051, which has the same points of interest as before. Many elements of PUBG New State are quite similar to BGMI or PUBG Mobile, which could be appreciated by fans who like the familiar battle royale experience. Just like BGMI and PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State has outfits, emotes, weapons, and vehicles that you can buy with an in-game currency called NC. The NC work the same way as UC. You can purchase it from the in-game shop or claim NC for free through several third-party apps/websites. If you are wondering how that works, below is the easy step-by-step guide:

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What is PUBG New State NC?

Just like BGMI’s UC, NC is a premium in-game currency in PUBG New State that can be used to buy vehicles, outfits, emotes, and more from the game. NC can also be used to buy the premium Survival Pass and unlock items from crates. You will need to purchase NC from PUBG New State’s in-game store. NC is sold as part of various bundles in PUBG New State. Here’s a quick look at PUBG New State NC price in India:

PUBG New State NC price in India

  • 300 NC – Rs 89
  • 1,500 NC + 80 bonus NC – Rs 449
  • 3,000 NC + 30 Chicken Medal bonus – Rs 899
  • 3,600 NC + 250 bonus NC – Rs 1,099
  • 9,300 NC + 930 bonus NC – Rs 2,749
  • 15,000 NC + 1,800 bonus NC – Rs 4,499
  • 30,000 NC + 5,000 bonus NC – Rs 8,900
  • 30,000 NC + 15,000 NC bonus package – Rs 8,900 (available to purchase once per month)

How to purchase NC in PUBG New State

You can purchase NC from PUBG New State’s in-game store. To do so:

  • Open PUBG New State and tap on the ‘N’ icon in the top-right corner
  • Pick the crate of your choice and pay via Google Play Store or App Store

3 easy methods to get PUBG New State UC for free

There are several free as well as premium ways to get NC in PUBG New State. Check out how you can get NC in PUBG New State:

PUBG New State redeem coupon codes

The easiest way to claim free NC for PUBG New State is using redeem codes. PUBG New State redeem codes are shared by content creators and various websites online. Here’s how you can use PUBG New State redeem coupon code:

  • Open PUBG New State’s official code redemption website on your browser by clicking here
  • Enter the Coupon Code and Account ID
  • Hit Redeem and your rewards will be in the Mail section of PUBG New State

Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards lets you earn Google Play Store credits by participating in surveys. You can collect Google Play Store credits and use them to purchase NC from the PUBG New State in-game store. Unfortunately, only Android users can use this method as Google Opinion Rewards doesn’t offer App Store or iTunes gift cards.

Poll Pay app rewards

Poll Pay app is quite similar to Google Opinion Rewards, where you need to complete some surveys and tasks. Unlike Google Opinion Rewards, this method will work on both Android and iOS. On Android devices, Poll Pay offers a Google Play gift card, whereas, on iPhones, it earns you an iTunes gift card. Both Google Play gift cards and iTunes gift cards can be used to get Google Play balance and Apple ID balance, respectively. You can use the Google Play balance or Apple ID balance to purchase NC in PUBG New State.