PUBG New State leaked trailer reveals global release date

The leaked PUBG New State trailer has tipped off the game's November release date.

  • The final thirty seconds of the PUBG New State launch trailer has leaked online.
  • According to the leaked trailer, PUBG New State is set to release globally on November 11.
  • Krafton is teasing some “big news” announcements alongside PUBG: New State launch trailer.

Krafton has recently announced that PUBG New State launch trailer will be coming soon. The last thirty seconds of the said launch trailer have been leaked online, which reveals the global release date of the much-anticipated game. Krafton has already shown off the gameplay trailer for PUBG New State and kicked off pre-registrations for the game. PUBG New State has gathered over 40 million pre-registrations on iOS and Android so far, making it one of the most hyped battle royale games on smartphones.

PUBG New State release date leaked

According to the leaked trailer shared by PUBG NewState News And Leaks, PUBG New State will release globally on November 11. It seems Krafton is well aware of the leaked trailer and release date as it has announced that the launch trailer will be coming within a few hours. Krafton is also teasing some “big news” announcement that will come alongside the trailer and media showcase that will be shared after the trailer on YouTube.

What is PUBG New State?

Inspired by PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State is a futuristic spinoff that takes place in the year 2051. The game lobbies will support 100 players, who will engage in fierce battles to be the last surviving player or team. Although the game is expected to take place in 2051, Krafton hasn’t revealed many futuristic elements, according to the first trailer. The trailer shows drones, guns like auto rifles, and standard vehicles like bikes, jeeps, and cars, which aren’t really futuristic. The upcoming launch trailer could reveal more gameplay elements that would adhere to the game’s theme.

Players who have pre-registered for PUBG: New State will receive exclusive rewards, including a vehicle skin. If you haven’t pre-registered for the game yet, you can head over to Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS to pre-register for PUBG New State.