Qualcomm QCC305x chipsets will bring premium features to mid-range TWS earbuds

Qualcomm QCC305x series of chipsets will bring high-end features, including Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, to mid-range truly wireless earbuds.

  • Qualcomm has launched the QCC305x SoC series for truly wireless earbuds
  • It supports Bluetooth Low Energy Audio for audio sharing use case
  • Other features include support for aptX Adaptive, aptX Voice, cVc Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression

Qualcomm has launched the QCC305x SoCs, which are the newest chipsets for upcoming truly wireless earbuds. The latest SoCs are targeted towards ‘flexible and cost-sensitive options’, aka affordable TWS earbuds. It aims to bring features from some of Qualcomm’s high-end offerings to low-cost products. The QCC305x series of chips support the upcoming Bluetooth Low Energy Audio standard, something that is yet to be adopted industry-wide. This is an effective method of future-proofing the silicon and also allows OEMs to incorporate some interesting features into their products. Lastly, Qualcomm has also claimed that the QCC305x will work better with smartphones powered by Snapdragon chipsets thanks to its patented Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 technology. 

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Bluetooth Low Energy Audio allows the Qualcomm QCC305x to incorporate often-requested features into headphones. It lets users share audio from one smartphone to multiple wireless listeners at the same time, which a feature we’ve seen on only a handful of products until now. With the widespread adaptation of Bluetooth LE, it should become more commonplace thanks to the QCC305x. For non-Bluetooth LE use cases, the chipset can also interface with devices over Bluetooth 5.2. 

Other Qualcomm QCC305x features include support for Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, aptX Adaptive at up to 96Khz audio resolution, a low latency mode for gaming, aptX Voice and cVc Echo Cancellation, and Noise Suppression. Although there is no word as to when the QCC305x will be out in the real world, it is reasonable to assume that OEMs have already started manufacturing TWS earbuds powered by the chipset. Ideally, we should see some of them hit the shelves by Q1 2021.