Qualcomm’s upcoming SM6150 processor appears on Geekbench

“A prototype smartphone with 6GB of RAM and Qualcomm’s upcoming SM6150 SoC has been spotted on Geekbench”

Last month, a leak from Github suggested that Qualcomm is working on a new mid-range processor, which is internally allegedly codenamed SM6150. The leak suggested that the SM6150 is being manufactured on 11nm fabrication process, just like the recently launched Snapdragon 675 SoC. Now, a smartphone prototype powered by the Qualcomm SM6150 processor has appeared on the benchmarking website Geekbench.

Qualcomm SM6150

While the exact name of the Qualcomm SM6150 processor is not clear at the moment, the SoC is expected to be the part of the Snapdragon 600 series family. The device that has been spotted on Geekbench with this SoC has 6GB of RAM and boots Android 9 Pie. The benchmark suggests that this processor has a base clock speed of 1.80GHz, and features an octa-core CPU based on ARM64 architecture. The single-core score of this particular handset is 2,598, while the multi-core score is rated to be 5,467.

Notably, the single-core score of the Qualcomm SM6150 SoC is higher than that of Snapdragon 675, which notched up 2,267 on Geekbench. However, the latter was reported to offer a much higher multi-core score of 6,103. Qualcomm is expected to put the SM6150 SoC under the Snapdragon 675 for mid-range devices. If the reports are to be believed, the company will introduce the upcoming processor at some point in early 2019. Sadly, these are the only details we have about this SoC at the moment.

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