Samsung has an exciting new program called Galaxy Forever that gives users an exciting option to buy the latest flagship smartphones – the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series – at just 60 percent of the cost! That’s right – you need to pay just 60 percent of the cost to get the flagship Samsung smartphones that offer superior performance, unmatched display, powerful camera experience, and long-lasting battery. What’s more, the price becomes even easier on the pocket as you can get the whole package via easy EMIs!

With so much going on, it is obvious you would have a few questions about the Samsung Galaxy Forever program. This FAQ will answer the most important and commonly asked questions about the new program and show you how it will transform the way you buy smartphones.

How does the Samsung Galaxy Forever program work?

Until today, the only way to buy a flagship Samsung device was to pay the full retail price, either upfront or in EMIs. But through the Samsung Galaxy Forever program you can pay just 60 percent of the cost and walk away with a flagship smartphone that epitomises the best that the industry has to offer.

As we mentioned above, this new program is applicable to Samsung’s flagship smartphones, namely Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note20, and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G. Under the Galaxy Forever program, you need to go to a Samsung authorised store to purchase your desired flagship Galaxy smartphone of 2020. There, you can sign up for the program, look at the multiple variants of the premium devices, and make your choice. You can then proceed to purchase the smartphone by paying merely 60 percent of its cost instead of the full 100 percent.

How does the Galaxy Forever payment structure work?

What makes the deal even sweeter and irresistible is the payment structure, which truly makes the ownership of these premium devices real easy. Samsung wants to ensure that owing its premium smartphones is easy on the pocket and, hence, allows you to pay just 20 percent of the phone’s cost as a down-payment. The remaining 40 percent of the cost is paid into 11 easy EMIs. That’s right! You can take home a flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone with just a 20 percent down-payment! This payment structure allows you to enjoy a truly no-compromise flagship smartphone without giving a huge hit to your bank balance.

What happens after I own the phone for a year?

After you have had the flagship Samsung smartphone for a year, you have three options:

1. Keep the smartphone by paying the remaining 40 percent of the phone’s cost

2. Simply return the handset you have been using for a year to a Samsung authorised retail store

3. Return the device and upgrade to the next-generation Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone

The first option allows buyers to keep the device they purchased 12 months back. After the tenure of 12 months is over and you have paid the final EMI, you can choose to make a simple payment of the balance of 40 percent. Incidentally, the balance payment can also be made in easy EMIs.

The second choice is to return the Galaxy smartphone to a Samsung Store and simply walk away, no strings attached. Although it is an option, who wants to downgrade to another smartphone after having used the best for a year? Hence, the third option not only appears logical but also the smartest to choose.

The third option in the Galaxy Forever program ensures you continue to have the latest flagship smartphone that Samsung launches year after year. Essentially, after using a flagship smartphone for a year, buyers can simply return it and upgrade to the next-generation model!

This makes Galaxy Forever the smartest way to own a flagship Galaxy smartphone.

What happens if the smartphone’s screen gets cracked in these 12 months?

Samsung values its customers and wants to ensure they are not worried about their smartphone’s screen getting cracked. That’s why the Samsung Care+ accidental and liquid damage protection package is part of the Galaxy Forever program! The Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series flagship you buy under this program are covered. Simply put, even if the phone’s screen is cracked, you won’t have to worry about the store not accepting the return or processing the request to upgrade. So bid adieu to all worries about the damage to your flagship smartphone thanks to Galaxy Forever!

Well, we hope these questions answer all the questions you might have for the Galaxy Forever program and show how you can get the most amazing Samsung flagship smartphones of the year without paying a huge sum. So, head to your nearest Samsung authorised retail store today and get yourself the smartphone of your dreams!