Smartphones help all of us stay productive, stay connected, access information, and nurture our passions and interests. Smartphones these days hold all our information – from emails to messages to work-related data, along with our personal content. Keeping our personal data safe and making sure our privacy isn’t compromised is of utmost importance.

Privacy means keeping one’s life private even from friends or family members. That’s where Alt Z Life comes in.

A lot of us, especially the Gen Z and millennials, have faced situations wherein someone in our family or a friend has asked for our smartphone to make a call and ended up seeing our private picture gallery. You would want to avoid that situation, but without saying “No.” What if you had a life in which you can hand over your phone worry-free without having concerns about anyone invading your privacy?

This life is called the Alt Z Life, where your private life remains private. It’s a reality now, and it’s just a double click away.

Wondering how you too can enjoy the Alt Z Life? Let us explain…

Privacy guaranteed, always

Quick Switch, a new feature that is now available on the Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 smartphones, is your path to the Alt Z Life. The feature has been developed under the ‘Make for India’ initiative basis the stated privacy needs of Gen Z and millennial smartphone users in the country. Quick Switch is a smart privacy feature that caters to everything you need to live an Alt Z Life — convenience, seamlessness, and, most importantly, discretion. It lets you switch between private and public instances of your favourite apps, pics, content, and social life by just double-clicking the side key, without anyone finding out.

Infographic: A closer look at how the Quick Switch and Content Suggestions work on Galaxy A51 and A71

Take, for example, your picture gallery. Millennials and Gen Z have loads of photos and videos that they don’t want others to see. Till now, the solution has been to use an app lock on the Gallery app. But what happens when friends or siblings ask you to unlock the app? More likely than not, you will give in… and all your locks and privacy protections go for a toss.

Quick Switch feature allows you to switch smoothly between the main gallery and the private gallery in secure folder, one for the public and another one for just you. So, all the photos that you are comfortable showing to the world, such as images of trips you have taken, events you attended, etc., can be in the public version of the gallery. On the other hand, private photos – like personal moments, crazy videos from parties, etc. – go into a private gallery app. And no one can see this private version of the app unless you let them.

It gets better though: not only does Quick Switch work with default apps such as Gallery, it also lets you keep WhatsApp conversations, Snapchat profile, Browser, and so many other apps hidden from public view. You can have a private version of your apps and internet browser in the Secure Folder, which is an encrypted private space powered by the defence-grade Samsung Knox security platform. This ensures you never feel insecure about anything personal that’s on your phone.

With Quick Switch, you enjoy the Alt Z Life – relaxed, unburdened by worries about privacy. Amazed by how great the feature is?

Learn how to set up Quick Switch on your Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71

Secure your privacy with intelligent Content Suggestions feature

To manage your privacy even more smartly, there’s another intelligent feature, i.e. Content Suggestions. It uses “On-Device AI” to identify private photos in the main gallery and suggests you to move them to the private gallery in Secure Folder basis pre-set identifiers including faces of people. You can review the images suggested by AI and move them to the private gallery or keep them for the public to see. This is the first time a brand has used on-device AI to provide privacy to smartphone users in India.

Learn how to setup Content Suggestions on your Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71

Your Alt Z Life begins today

By now, you have understood how Alt Z life is designed keeping Gen Z and millennials in mind. It means an end to the concern you feel about others peeping on your chats or photos while they use the phone, or whenever a sibling or friend borrows your phone to play games, watch movies, etc. So, get yourself the awesome Samsung Galaxy A71 or Galaxy A51 with defence-grade Knox security today and enjoy the tension-free life that you have always wanted!

And say hello to your Alt Z life.

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