Realme 5G phone priced under Rs 10,000 confirmed, launch expected in 2022

The company also said all Realme phones priced above Rs 15,000 will be 5G-enabled

  • Realme promised that it will increase the count of its 5G-ready smartphones
  • Soon, all Realme smartphones costing over Rs 15,000 will support 5G going forward
  • Realme is also working on some sub-Rs 10,000 smartphones that will support the technology

Much like Xiaomi, Realme made its grand entry into the Indian market by launching a barrage of affordable smartphones with superlative specifications. That has been the company’s go-to strategy to date, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. Now, Realme has announced that it will double down its efforts towards launching even more affordable smartphones. This time around the company has upped the ante and stated that it has several 5G-ready smartphones in the works for 2022. For starters, all Realme smartphones retailing over Rs 15,000 will be 5G-enabled. Furthermore, the company also has some sub-Rs 10,000 smartphones that will support the technology.

This will make Realme the first OEM to bring 5G smartphones to the sub-Rs 10,000 segments. Although 5G phones are gaining mainstream traction, they are still somewhat rare. It does make sense, given that 5G isn’t due to be widely available in India anytime soon. Although Reliance Jio and Airtel have successfully conducted 5G field trials, there is a lot of work to be done before bringing the technology to end-users. At the earliest, we’re probably looking at a 2023 rollout across all major cities. Inner cities may have to wait even longer

While Realme’s efforts to ‘democratise’ 5G further are laudable, we’re not quite sure why it is pushing it so early. A sub-Rs 10,000 5G-enabled smartphone will very likely be obsolete before 5G is widely available, so it makes little sense for people to buy one. That also holds true for most 5G-ready smartphones launched today, except for a few high-end models, maybe. Realme would honestly be better off redirecting those resources towards better software support for its already overwhelming repertoire of smartphones.