Realme Band will go on sale in India today at 12PM, but should you buy it?

“Realme Band price in India is set at Rs 1,499 and the fitness tracker offers features like coloured display, Cricket mode and USB direct charging”

Realme Band, the company’s first-ever fitness tracker, will go on sale in India for the first time today. The Realme Band sale will go live on and Amazon India at 12PM IST. The wearable touts a curved design, coloured display and features like continuous heart rate tracking, sleep tracking and workout modes like Cricket, among other things. The Realme Band is one of the most affordable fitness trackers in the market right now, but that does not mean you should buy it blindly. 

Realme Band comes with some interesting features, but the fitness tracker is far from perfect. This is what we said in our Realme Band review a few days ago. If you’re considering to buy the fitness tracker during the sale today, here’s a quick explainer on the positives and negatives about the Realme Band to help you decide whether to buy it or not. 

What we like about the Realme Band

The biggest factor to consider the Realme Band is its price. The fitness band’s price in India is set at Rs 1,499, making it more affordable than the likes of Mi Band 4 (Review) and Honor Band 5i that are prices at Rs 2,299 and Rs 1,899, respectively. The Relame Band will definitely look appealing to a price sensitive market like India. 

We also liked the sleek, curved design of the Realme Band, which naturally rests on the wrists. Weighing at around 20 grams, the Realme Band is quite lightweight, which makes it comfortable to wear the fitness tracker all the time, especially while sleeping at night. The IP68 rating means the band is water resistant as well, allowing you to wear it while taking a shower.

The Realme Band comes with a USB direct charging feature, which means you can directly plug the band to a USB port on your laptop or a charging adapter. This removes the hassle of carrying a separate charger with you. This is a convenient feature, and something that we have seen on the Honor Band 5i as well. 

Lastly, the Realme Band offers continuous heart rate and sleep tracking features. The latter accurately detects when you go to sleep and when you wake up, and you can also get a detailed overview of your sleep behaviour via the Realme Link app.

What we do not like about the Realme Band

The biggest issue we faced with the Realme Band is its brightness, which is extremely poor outdoors. It is an unavoidable issue, and one that will likely annoy a lot of users who love to workout outdoors. Even at its default max brightness setting (which can be adjusted via the Realme Link app) the display is pretty much unreadable under sunlight. The poor brightness makes the coloured display look dull indoors as well. 

Additionally, the Realme Band only lets you store four workout modes at a time, and you will need to remove one to add another via the Realme Link app. Moreover, workout modes like Cricket and Yoga offer limited information such as heart rate tracking and calories burnt, which is disappointing especially the way the brand is advertising the Cricket mode in particular.

Should you buy the Realme Band?

The Realme Band is an affordable fitness tracker with a one-touch capacitive button that offers an extremely minimalistic UI. The lightweight design and sleep tracking feature are useful. It is good for users who aren’t looking for a lot from their fitness band. It also comes with a seven to nine days battery life, which is impressive for its price.

That being said, if you can stretch your budget a little, you can find better fitness trackers in the Honor Band 5i, Honor Band and Mi Band 4. These trackers offer brighter, more vibrant displays and more detailed workout modes compared to the Realme Band.