Realme Buds Air launch on December 17: AirPods-like design, colours, price and everything else we know so far

“Realme Buds Air will launch in three colours, offer a seamless connectivity, and could be priced around Rs 4,999”

Realme Buds Air is the name of the Chinese OEM’s first pair of true wireless earphones. The official branding, along with its colour variants and the date and time of launch have been officially disclosed on the Realme website, as well as via tweets from Realme India CEO, Madhav Sheth. The true wireless earphones closely mimic Apple’s AirPods in the overall design, and also claims to be able to seamlessly connect to a source device via Bluetooth, much like the AirPods with its W1 chip. The Realme Buds Air price was also revealed on Flipkart for a brief moment ahead of its launch in India on December 17th alongside the Realme X2.

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Realme Buds Air price in India

On Tuesday, Flipkart briefly revealed the price of the Realme Buds Air. According to the listing, the Realme Buds Air price will be Rs 4,999. However, the pricing could have been intentionally placed to understand consumer reaction. It is possible that the official price of the earphone may be cheaper than what was listed. We will know the first sale date of the Realme Buds Air during the launch event on December 17th.

Realme Buds Air specifications

In terms of audio, Realme has revealed that the Realme Buds Air will feature a 12mm ‘bass boost’ dynamic driver inside. The earbuds are said to feature touch controls on its body, with the ability to activate the Google Assistant on Android phones and Siri on iOS devices, handsfree. Realme Buds Air will also be available in black, white and yellow colour options. The charging case is also said to support wireless charging. We expect to learn more about the Realme Buds Air on launch day.

Realme Buds Air design looks inspired by the Apple AirPods thanks to its angular head and long stem. It is the latest in the long line of true wireless earbuds queuing up to take a slice of the steadily increasing market and cash in on customer demand. The earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 to make connections smoother and more seamless, and also comes with a charging case that stretches the overall battery life by a substantial margin. However, the playback and standby times of the Realme Buds Air are also yet to be disclosed.

Realme Buds Air early discount

In order to raise interest leading up to the launch, Realme is offering a select range of users a discount coupon of Rs 400, which can be won by either adding your contact number on the official webpage and subsequently sharing this activity on your social media accounts, or by purchasing any among Realme X, Realme X Master, Realme 5 Pro, Realme X2 Pro and Realme XT smartphones. These activities are to be completed by December 16th, and the coupons will reportedly be sent out to all eligible individuals by 10am on December 17th.

With the launch scheduled within one week, it will be interesting to see if the hype-based strategy behind the Buds Air manages to pay off for the company.

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