Realme Dizo Star 500 vs Nokia 110: prices in India, specifications, and features compared

The newly-launched Dizo Star 500 gives tough competition to the Nokia 110, which is arguably one of the most popular feature phones in India.

  • Realme sub-brand Dizo has launched the Dizo Star 500 feature phone in India
  • The Dizo Star 500 price in India is Rs 1,799
  • The feature phone competes directly with the Nokia 110

If you wanted to buy a feature phone from a reputed brand in India, Nokia was the only option you had. However, Dizo, a Realme sub-brand, launched a feature phone in India yesterday, dubbed the Realme Dizo Star 500. Given the Dizo Star 500 price in India and specifications, the phone competes directly with the Nokia 110. So, should you go with the Dizo Star 500 or stick with the tried and tested Nokia 110? Well, that is what we are here to find out. Let us compare the Dizo Star 500 and the Nokia 110 prices in India and specifications and see which feature phone is the best for you.

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Realme Dizo Star 500 vs Nokia 110: prices in India

The Realme Dizo Star 500 price in India is Rs 1,799. As for the Nokia 110, its official price is Rs 1,749. However, Amazon India and Flipkart are selling the phone for Rs 1,657. If we compare the prices, the Nokia 110 is almost Rs 150 more affordable than the Dizo Star 500. This amount might seem negligible but it is quite significant when you look at the price of these features phones. It is also worth mentioning that while the Nokia 110 is readily available to purchase, the Dizo Star 500 will go on sale in India from tomorrow (July 8th).

Realme Dizo Star 500 vs Nokia 110 specifications



The Dizo Star 500 features a 2.8-inch non-touch colour display with QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) resolution. The Nokia 110, on the other hand, has a much smaller, 1.77-inch non-touch colour display. Plus, the screen has a lower, QQVGA (160 x 120 pixels) resolution. While none of the displays is meant for colour accuracy or media consumption, the larger screen of the Dizo Star 500 offers a larger text, which makes it easier for the user to read the content on the screen. So, the Dizo Star 500 is clearly a better choice in terms of display.

Winner: Dizo Star 500



While the Realme Dizo Star 500 features a 0.3MP camera at the rear, the Nokia 110 has a 0.08MP sensor on the back. Let’s be honest, the images from the cameras of both feature phones will have very low quality, mainly due to their low resolution. So, it doesn’t matter which of the two devices offer a better image quality, you might not be able to use those images for any real purpose. So, I think it is fair to call this round a tie. Oh by the way, neither the Dizo Star 500 nor the Nokia 110 has a front-facing camera.

Winner: Tie

Processing power, RAM, and internal storage

The Dizo Star 500, as well as the Nokia 110, feature the Spreadtrum SC6531E processor. So, in terms of processing power, both the feature phones are the same. However, the Dizo Star 500 has 32MB RAM, which is eight times more than the 4MB RAM module in the Nokia 110. This significantly extra RAM capacity should give the Dizo Star 500 a faster and more fluid performance.


Plus, the one from Realme’s sub-brand also has 32MB internal storage, which is, once again, eight times more compared to the 8GB internal storage of the Nokia 110. The extra internal storage should help you save more SMS and call logs on the device. Both feature phones have a microSD card slot. While the Nokia 110 supports cards up to 32GB, the Dizo Star 500 has support for up to 64GB cards. Anyway, having eight times extra RAM capacity and internal storage, the Realme Dizo Star 500 wins this round.

Winner: Dizo Star 500

Software and ease of use


Coming to the software, the Nokia 110 runs on the Nokia Series 30+ operating system, whereas, the Dizo Star 500 has a proprietary OS, which we are assuming is similar to the one from Nokia. Being feature phones, the Nokia 110 and the Realme Dizo Star 500 should be fairly easy to use. Although we haven’t tested these devices personally, they seem to have the same software features, going by their spec sheet. So, I think is fair to say that the Dizo Star 500 and the Nokia 110 are neck and neck in terms of software and user experience.

Winner: Tie

Battery life


Battery capacity is where the two feature phones differ from each other the most. While the Dizo Star 500 has a 1,900mAh battery, the Nokia 110 packs a tiny, 800mAh battery. If you do the math, the Dizo Star 500 has double the battery capacity as compared to the Nokia 110. Therefore, the Dizo Star 500 should offer significantly more battery backup than the Nokia 110. So, it is a clear win for the Dizo Star 500. Oh, by the way, both the feature phones have a microUSB port for charging.

Winner: Dizo Star 500



The Dizo Star 500 and the Nokia 110 have two SIM card slots with support for the 2G network. As for the physical ports, these devices come with a microUSB port for charging, as I mentioned earlier. However, the Dizo Star 500 comes ahead in the race by offering Bluetooth connectivity as well, which, the Nokia 110 misses out on. So, if you ever want to connect Bluetooth earphones to your handset for calls, you can do it with the Dizo Star 500 but not with the Nokia 110.

Winner: Dizo Star 500

Realme Dizo Star 500 vs Nokia 110: Conclusion

Let us cut to the chase. The Realme Dizo Star 500 is clearly a better device compared to the Nokia 110 in almost every aspect. It has a larger display, significantly more RAM and storage capacities, a longer battery backup, and better connectivity options. We think that it would wise to spend money on the Dizo Star 500 than spending it on the Nokia 110. That being said, the Nokia 110 is not a bad device by any means. It is a very reliable feature phone for you to stay connected with people.