Realme plans to soon launch smart speaker, toothbrush, smart locks, smart plugs, and more in India

Realme Adventurer Backpack will be launched alongside Realme X3 on June 25th.

  • Realme has announced new product strategy that it calls “1+4+N”
  • The core of the strategy will be smartphones, followed by smart hubs and new AIoT devices

Realme has announced the launch of new AIoT products, including an electric toothbrush, a car charger, smart home accessories as well as smart speakers, in India soon. It’ll be part of the company’s new strategy called 1+4+N”, which will help Realme build a full range of AIoT portfolio from budget to premium segment. The core of the new strategy will be Realme smartphones, followed by smart hubs and new Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) devices. This strategy will help us further enhance our smartphone and AIoT product portfolios,” Realme CEO Madhav Sheth said in the company’s community forum.

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The ‘smart hubs’ will be divided into four categories, including smart TVs, smart earphones, smartwatch, and smart speakers. Realme has already launched its TV, earphones, and smartwatch in India, and will be very soon introducing a new smart speaker. It’s also gearing up to launch more smartwatches, high-end TVs, and smarter headphones in the country. “Like our smartphones, our AIOT offerings will be a full-range portfolio from budget to premium price segments,” Sheth added.

Additionally, Realme has announced it’ll launch a whole new category of AIoT devices, including in-car chargers, backpacks, luggage cases, electric toothbrushes, smart scales, smart cameras, smart locks, and more. While most of these devices will not be launched until later this year, Realme will be taking the wraps off its first-ever multi-function travel backpack, Realme Adventurer Backpack, alongside Realme X3 on June 25th in India. The backpack is said to be large, durable, and trendy.

Realme is also pushing its effort to make most of these products here in India. “We are in sync with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, and hence, will soon start manufacturing some of our AIOT products in India. We are also investing in a complete production line to build TV products and to set up high-end SMT lines for TV motherboards, which is a real leap in terms of local manufacturing and a real challenge that many other leading brands haven’t been able to take till date,” the company said.