Reliance AGM 2022 announcements: Jio 5G service Diwali launch, Jio Air Fiber, Jio Phone 5G, and more

Reliance AGM 2022 announcements included Jio 5G launch date, Jio Air Fiber details, and Jio Phone 5G development, among other things.

  • Reliance has confirmed its Jio 5G services in India will rollout by Diwali in select cities.
  • Jio 5G services will initially rollout in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai.
  • Reliance has announced Jio Air Fiber and Jio Cloud PC.

Reliance Industries held its 45th AGM on Monday and this witnessed some interesting announcements, particularly related to Jio. The company finally revealed the Jio 5G network launch timeline, with select cities set to get 5G connectivity by Diwali. This is a major milestone for Jio considering the hype surrounding the 5G network is going to new heights since the completion of the 5G spectrum auction. Additionally, the company also made other announcements like Jio Air Fiber, which is an ultra-high-speed 5G hotspot for homes and offices. Here’s a quick roundup of everything that Reliance has announced at the AGM 2022.

Jio 5G services launch date

Jio 5G services have been announced by the company at the 45th AGM meeting. The services will start rolling out from this Diwali in select cities. This will be followed by a pan-India rollout covering every town and city by December 2023. The 5G network Jio developed is called stand-alone 5G and it doesn’t depend on the 4G infrastructure.

These cities will get Jio 5G by Diwali

Jio 5G services will initially roll out in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Mumbai. This will be followed by other cities and towns by December 2023. Jio says that this will be the fastest ever 5G deployment in the world.

Jio Air Fiber

Jio has also announced the Air Fiber, which is an ultra-high-speed fixed broadband solution that can deliver fiber-like speeds over the air without any wires. It is simply a plug-and-play device that will wirelessly deliver 5G connectivity for multiple use cases such as cloud gaming, interactive sports telecast, and more. It can be plugged anywhere and switched on and users will be able to deliver high-speed fiber-like broadband speeds. However, the launch date of the Jio Air Fiber hasn’t been revealed.

Jio Cloud PC

Reliance has also officially launched the Jio Cloud PC, which is a virtual PC that is hosted in the cloud using the Jio True 5G. The device is claimed to bring the power of a laptop to every business and household at significantly affordable prices. The company says that with Jio Cloud PC, customers will no longer have to bare the expenses related to buying computer hardware and periodically upgrading it. They can opt to use a virtual PC hosted in the cloud. Jio Cloud PC doesn’t require any upfront investment as well. The company hasn’t mentioned the availability timeline.

Reliance and Google partnership

Jio Google 5G phone

Reliance has finally announced that it is partnering with Google to bring affordable 5G smartphones with Jio branding soon. While this isn’t anything new, we might be inching close to affordable 5G smartphones from Jio.